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  1. I cant find any of his information in GG, there are just a few pics of him with others groups. Can any body tell me who that guy is?
  2. OMG. Painkiller♥

  3. soyeon, i miz u :(((

  4. sub-unit? why don't have soyeon? i'm looking forward to this sub-unit but i also want to know what happend with 3 others?
  5. say "sorry". is it too hard? we must wait very long time for this apologize? However, every thing is ok now. yein e&m apologize. i don't want this has twice. EJ 5ting!
  6. wow. so happy. t-ara has a big concern of japanese people. Hope Hyomin do well. 5ting!
  7. they will do well. I'm very happy( so does she). well, i will watch this show more
  8. it's very interesting. solo song for each members. I really really want to listen qri voice when she solo. I'm very sad that I don't have more money to buy it==
  9. poor Soyeon. Every queen's know and believe that. but some web still up rumor news (netizen, allkpop, newsen,...). They also want T-ara disband. I don't think that is serious like that.
  10. nooo. i want it's true. i want to see her on film. but i also want her relaxes ==
  11. Kpop fans and public opinion are too draconian? I think it just a normal game, you have coins and play, it's so fun and relax. But Kara and some idols of Kpop advertised for this game, why don't bash them? T-Ara is object of public opinion???? So funny
  12. *clap* it's a good decision. They're idols and they must keep their situation. And they right, young people always mimic their idols. if t-ara take photo for this CF, it would a bad effect to youth. So, girls were very smart, they deny. Clap again.^^
  13. Will T-ARa comeback in Jan next year?

  14. almost they said that their ideal type of mother is their mom. I like Qri answer. Be herself=]]]]
  15. So pretty, princess. Luv u so much♥ Let's kill me=]]]
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