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  1. I cant find any of his information in GG, there are just a few pics of him with others groups. Can any body tell me who that guy is?
  2. OMG. Painkiller♥

  3. soyeon, i miz u :(((

  4. sub-unit? why don't have soyeon? i'm looking forward to this sub-unit but i also want to know what happend with 3 others?
  5. say "sorry". is it too hard? we must wait very long time for this apologize? However, every thing is ok now. yein e&m apologize. i don't want this has twice. EJ 5ting!
  6. wow. so happy. t-ara has a big concern of japanese people. Hope Hyomin do well. 5ting!
  7. they will do well. I'm very happy( so does she). well, i will watch this show more
  8. it's very interesting. solo song for each members. I really really want to listen qri voice when she solo. I'm very sad that I don't have more money to buy it==
  9. poor Soyeon. Every queen's know and believe that. but some web still up rumor news (netizen, allkpop, newsen,...). They also want T-ara disband. I don't think that is serious like that.
  10. nooo. i want it's true. i want to see her on film. but i also want her relaxes ==
  11. Kpop fans and public opinion are too draconian? I think it just a normal game, you have coins and play, it's so fun and relax. But Kara and some idols of Kpop advertised for this game, why don't bash them? T-Ara is object of public opinion???? So funny
  12. *clap* it's a good decision. They're idols and they must keep their situation. And they right, young people always mimic their idols. if t-ara take photo for this CF, it would a bad effect to youth. So, girls were very smart, they deny. Clap again.^^
  13. Will T-ARa comeback in Jan next year?

  14. almost they said that their ideal type of mother is their mom. I like Qri answer. Be herself=]]]]
  15. So pretty, princess. Luv u so much♥ Let's kill me=]]]
  16. I was at home and cried, too. I live in VN but can't go to airport bcz I live in south of VN. I want to meet T-ara. ((
  17. T-ara come to VietNam. I live in there but can't meet T-ara. Why in Hanoi not Ho Chi Minh????

  18. Poors girls.. They're very tired. They has a lot of work but don't have relax time. Plz give them some free time. Soyeon didn't sleep, she is so hrad-working. Daebak leader!
  19. Ok, I think it's good for her. And T-ara will very busy in next year. When T-ara have free time, she should go to school bcz she will has a good grades. Take care of your health♥ ( sr about my EL)
  20. Debut with movie. Dani has a lot of preferential treatment from CCM. I want to see her acting skill. But why ahreum comeback to school in funeral of qri's maternal grandfather and dani cast in film on this time, too? CCM communicate happy stories of them in bad day? But, I don't hate anyone, I always support T-ara. ( it just my opinion and sr about my english). __________________________ Always support and love T-ara♥
  21. Poor Qri, condolences to her. Hope her be strong, everybody always beside you.♥ __________________________________ Let's be strong Qri
  22. lol, they're so cute. Eat meat to diet. It's so strange. JY eat fruit for lunch. Could she full?
  23. I think Cha Euntaek direct told right. T-ara's incident not seriously but everybody boycott T-ara although they don't know truth. It's like a wave. everybody to side rumor. T-ara was hurt. That was their consciousness. Now, I want to say Let's be strong T-ara. Queen's always beside u♥
  24. woah, she's so cute. She has big eyes and long hair. She looks so pure♥
  25. What do you think about Sexy Love song????

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