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  1. Soo beautiful.....I dieeee instantly...how can she look like that... Omggggg
  2. Hi..I already send payment and email to fanclubfee@tiaradiadem.com since last week but havent got any confirmation yet. To whom can I ask? Thanks
  3. Woww...wanna try one here...glad to know that T-ara forest is a successfull project..hope can see the forest soon..and see my name..hahahh..
  4. This is justtttt......amazinggg... Sexy and cute and the same time!!whaaaattt @.@ Only Jiyeon can do!!!! Love it! Can't wait for the teaser video..
  5. Omg...7 is my fav number...and is that ballet???????? I'm sure this is going to be daebak!!!
  6. Woowww...this is great!! I will start tonight.... ^^ Thanks Diadem....
  7. I tried using my laptop but it still didn't work..I'm using windows btw.. >.<
  8. Thanks for the answer..I've managed to make an account..but now I cant proceed to payment.. >.< I'm using my phone to make the purchase..
  9. Hi...I tried to register on the yes24 and it asked for a phone number, in what format should I input the number? and they also asked for foreign id number or a passport number, is that a real passport number?cos it said only numbers can be put in the box but my passport number has 1 letter on it.... Sorry for asking such a silly question.. ^^ Thanks a lot..
  10. OMG OMG OMG!!!! Jiyeon also have that spiked b** >.< cant wait for the teaserrrrrr....
  11. kyaaaa..cant wait for the 15th.... CCM really clever in making teasers.. and Wet Hyomin.. O.o
  12. Jiyeonholic.... >.< ..My mind is already poisoned by Jiyeon's charm!! and I'm addicted to Jiyeon ^^

  13. Jiyeon ah..I also love Bye Bye.. ^^ We have the same taste..lol.. Love u!! ^^
  14. I don't think Jiyeon will ever be able to take college as long as T-ara still active..there will never be enough time for her with all that crazy schedule ccm been giving her..
  15. So this is confirmed???? T-ara will come to Indo??!!!! Yayyyyy.......Jiyeon..I'll be waiting for you!! ^^
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