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  1. Both Boram and Hyomin should take meat diet.. I think the girls deserve more food after working hard.. Extreme diet causing they starved, cannot be accepted!! It's like CCM denying "their" right T_T
  2. Why Korean do this to T-ara?? Tsk3.. International fans much understand and loyal compared to local fans.. T_T
  3. Upset with Eunjungie current condition :'(

  4. Upset with Eunjungie current condition :'(

  5. Its really heartbreaking.. Rest for awhile Eunjungie.. Don't push yourself.. I hope u just fine at this moment, stay together with your family.. Eunjungie, hwaiting!!
  6. Poor Eunjungie.. She really upset because all of her hard work only in vain.. Eunjungie, sue them and leave the drama!! I hate how the industry treats T-ara now.. :( They actually the one who bullying T-ara.. <_< Sobsob :3
  7. I'm totally agree with her.. All of this happened because of T-ara's agency! CCM can't manage T-ara and i think its time for T-ara leave CCM.. Stupid CEO who started all of this mess.. Poor T-ara, endure all of this and hurt so much.. :( T-ara, hwaiting!!! We always love you!~
  8. Just rest Soyeon.. You doesn't need to think about other thing.. Hope you get well soon.. Soyeon, Fighting!!
  9. This is just wrong. Soyeon should consider about her condition first before think about other things. Somehow, I feel really worried about her and cannot stop praying for her goodness.
  10. the only thing at this moment is i always pray you guys just fine.. its really sad because girls, you have to faced such a difficult time.. keep strong and remember, we as your true fans will always support you.. and we gonna miss you.. :'( fighting! http://hyotheleader.tumblr.com/ this link is in english version and this is the source of thetaratruth.tumblr.com/
  11. can't wait for Woojung Couple :) :)

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