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  1. I like the video, there's more qri in it. ^^ But they should used the 'Clown dance scene" more and I like areums rap. It's more her real voice ^^ Can't wait for my single to arrive. But the quality is disgusting
  2. I hope everything will be cleared. After that this "Bad" Chapter will be over.
  3. There are many Good korean fans, It's not fair to say they don't treat them good. But the korean Haters are the worst Maybe expend their Asia tour to a World tour? Korea > Japan > Taiwan > Hong Kong > Vietnam > Thailand > Malaysia > Singapore > Indonesia > Australia > USA (LA&NYC) > Canada > France > UK > Germany > Russia? LOL that's not realistic but EUROPE NEEDS T-ARA!
  4. I'm happy for the fans from those countries but... NO EUROPE
  5. I love the English speaking part ^^ Qri's engrish is sooo cute ^^
  6. Lol I just had enough money to fix my broken iPhone glass... But well, Now I'm spending all my money to support t-ara! Fighting!
  7. OMG I LOVE THEIR COMEBACK AND I LOVE QRI'S hair but when is qri's part?
  8. Hwayoung maybe It isn't your fault but please go to him, t-ara is incomplete without you. Just lie to him at least
  9. WTF?, are you stupid? T-ara is so successful and you want do destroy it? OMFG? and How about the other members? How do they feel now? Especially the new members? they will get so much hate from now on. And I'm afraid he will kick out Qri too ToT I wish there contracts would end at the same time so they can move (with all 9 members) to another company (SM?) I love T-ara but xxxx Kim Kwangsoo! damn don't destroy a diamond.
  10. One word... PERFECT! Al the special stages, the songs PERFECT! And Qri was so happy, Proud to have her as Bias, But poor hwayoung....
  12. Well I really like the fact that they add a american/korean member but the last one is way too young (14years !)
  13. I can't find a video... Can someone help me BTW I'm new to this forum ^o^
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