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  1. Ehh? Frankly, I haven't followed T-ara as much now but this is a total shocker to me.
  2. They bette brush up on their Japanese again. Since they'd be promoting in both JP and CN, it might be best they split the language chores among themselves. So long they continue to promote, good for them. Cheers.
  3. Nope. based on KBS World schedule, T-ara ep (6th) will be on 9/14 (0:50am KST): http://kbsworld.kbs.co.kr/schedule/weekly_schedule2.php. Currently, they have the show at 13:50pm KST. Oh well, at least we'd be able to watch the Eng subs.Safe to assume they'd upload the subbed version as KBS World TV (KBS World YT channel) has the preview: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-qmL5htbaek. I'm just hoping its hard subbed (some of their shows, like MuBank, are in soft subs...). Credits: KBS World (website and Youtube channel)
  4. He is. Younger brother of the female lead.
  5. quote name="Regius" post="479410" timestamp="1437396095"]It's likely it will be. Most shows on KBS World are 2 weeks delayed, but I think some shows (mainly the 2-day dramas) have been moved to just within a week. I suggest check out the schedule on KBS World website to get the schedule. Hmm, I thought the it is an upcoming drama, but it turns out the drama title is an alternate to the official one, "Love on a Rooftop". PS: happy to hear they'd be on dramas (even if just cameos). At this point, don't want to be greedy and want for more.
  6. Eunjung mentioned in a prior interview (can't recall which one) they's likely release a Kor album later in the year (Sept-Oct). If that's the case, then probably that's timeline (similar to N9 and SF). Surprise they'd even release a Kor album with the amount of their overseas activities (seemed more like a money sink ). But who am I kidding? I'd be happy they release a Kor + repackage.
  7. It has been postulated that her tattoo is real, since it would be quite difficult and too much of a hassle to consistently apply it every time she does an appearance with a bare back.
  8. Business is business. Where the demand (and more importantly, profit) is, that's where they'd go. Even without the perception/accusation of their OLD scandal still hounding them in their home soil, it's likely T-ara (and even other groups/artists) would still expand, due to the heavily saturated Korean market (look at the ever growing number of girl groups alone). I say 'good' thing about the scandal is that they don't 'need' be tied down and not lose their initial/local fanbase. Talk about turning misfortune into (lucrative, hopefully) opportunities. As the saying goes, strike while the iron is hot. If there is demand, it would be illogical to turn it down, unless a better option present itself (or that demand is detrimental in some way). Like their recent singles/albums have less than stellar sales, would it be a wonder if they tried/moved on their hand in other (and bigger) markets, especially if they are being invited? Another thing, less domestic projects mean T-ara need not go 300% activities in at least 3 countries. They are reputed as one of the most overworked (at which they even have a clip complaining/demanding of having no breaks since debut) I shudder what state they would be in if they are moving all around in East Asia (and other parts of the world) all the time. I acknowledge that having a strong and loyal fanbase is important as the core, as overseas activities may only be trendy in those countries (i.e. short term), but complaining about the lack of local activities is laughable in the least. PS: I just hope the girls further improve their language skills (whether Japanese, Korean, English, etc). Any work that requires regular interaction with foreigners (relatively to oneself), good communication skills are a must, especially in an industry T-ara is in.
  9. Definitely better than the SBS Gayo, which to me looked like one of their 'regular' perfs when they promoted SF (The Show Winter special was better by comparison). Maybe lack of preparations with the SBS one, at least T-ara ended 2014 nicely - save the best for last, so to speak.
  10. If I'm not mistaken, the other girl is Spica's Jiwon (fyi, pre-debut T-ara member). No idea (or care) who the guys are.
  11. Thanks Z! And pre-ordered already. It seemed though the EDM version is not in the physical album. Maybe I could expect it once the Sugar Free 13 Variations goes out.
  12. So does this mean they'd release a special album with all 13 versions (of which would be like EP already). T-ara's 2nd EP would be 1 x 13 - not that I'd mind if the different are really good (and not minor variations). Reminds me of Mozart's Twelve Variations.
  13. Strange, I'm redirected to YesStyle when I click the one for Global. Anyway, will just use on of the other existing links [in Shoutbox]. That should still count, right (since it is still navigating from TD to YA)? PS: nice that Sugar Free is advertised in YA's page.
  14. The BTS serves like a mini teaser in itself And I have to say one of the songs is... thought provoking.
  15. Is it just me that Eunjung's hairstyle is reminscent of Jiyeon's? And anyone can translate what she said? Thanks.
  16. Nice. This means more fan cams and DVD of their tour. I'm actually curious what their Gossip Girls' songs' perfs are like. I first thought they won't have any Japan concerts this year as in the past they held tours in Q3 of the year. Gambatte kudasai T-ara!!! PS: "gambatte" is basically Japanese equivalent of good luck/fighting. If I recall my Japanese 101 correctly (from the little I remember, it literally means "keep your chin up"). Please correct me if I'm wrong/inaccurate.
  17. I agree. No matter how 'risky' ST's song is, based on track record, his is the safer bet. As for the solos, I guess sound-wise, their Love Suggestion and My Sea are more suited to Hyomin and Jiyeon, respectively (with MS reminscent of Rolling, at least for me). But who knows, we might be hit with a fast one (again), like that "poll" which song to promote, BPBP or LTFT. People voted for LTFT but BPBP is promoted. Then again, results matter, so it was a good choice to promote BPBP. Though I speculated/wanted (in TD Roundtable) T-ara to promote a dance track (something a bit outside the cute/sexy) and with Hyomin and Jiyeon seen playing with skateboards and jackets tied to their waists kind of like little hints (or just me overthinking things). To be honest, I really like Number 9, but a dance track is a welcome change. Who am I kidding, though. They'd still look great, I bet. Looking forward to 9/11. PS: whether the date is intentional or coincidental, I don't think it is meant to downplay or mock that event. I've been to the area a few years ago and the rebuilding efforts were ongoing. To me, it was a rebirth, of starting anew. Maybe it is the same for T-ara.
  18. That cameo was "sneaky". No announcement whatsoever. I know cameos aren't really such a big thing (most of the time). But then, Jiyeon had such a long hiatus in the small screen (dramas), it's a wonderful surprise. I have to say smart move. No fuss, no noise. Who knows, it may be the start of something bigger (really hoping for it). PS: it is the first role I recall of Jiyeon NOT playing a student (correct me if I'm wrong).
  19. Congratulations to... everyone! And kudos to Elly and others who were here since day one. 5 years is a long time and to remain consistently dedicated, it is quite an achievement!!! Of course, all those who joined after also contributed in their way. The site was kept alive and continued its growth due to all of its members (I make it sound as if I'm stealing Elly's show!!). It is really interesting to note that the TD community was established even before the group it follows has officially debuted. Fun fact, just want to share for those who weren't aware of it. And there is nothing better than the community's own anniversary except for the reason for its establishment (and continued existence): T-ara's anniversary!!! Cheers..
  20. Based on that clip, I take back my initial apprehension I have with the new album/songs. Though I hope overall quality would top their previous releases (which is always a good thing). It's nice to have good composers working on their songs, but it would be pointless if the song themselves are subpar. With Jiyeon's album launch/solo debut delayed to June, I'm looking forward to this album. Let's hope they get a chance to promote more for Gossip Girls. Cheers.
  21. Intense, huh? Gosh, I can feel its summer. Everyone, be careful of heatstroke.
  22. Hmm, it does not sound like a horror flick. I'm not familiar with the other movies stated in the news. So will the new film be a rom-com or a drama, or action? Though Jangwoo again, but then, maybe capitalize on their WGM tandem. At least T-ara (Eunjung) has broken away from the horror genre (still wonder why all of their previous movies are horror). If the film won't be a blockbuster, then at least it won't flop. PS: with Jiyeon and Hyomin venturing into solo debuts, Boram appeared in a play, Eunjung to be in a movie, then does this mean we cold expect Qri and Soyeon to have their own solo projects in the future?
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