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  1. RT @AyachiiTaki: there's a new manga called Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband about a former yakuza member living life as a stay a…

  2. RT @MTNuyens: It’s official - if our Gr 12 International Business class can get 75,000 retweets by Jan 14, the class will not have to write…

  3. RT @bestoflisa: omg WINNER's Seunghoon playing against Lisa sjsjs ?? https://t.co/tdHUqxGmap

  4. RT @9baMelo: 青年と少女だった二人 https://t.co/o5ChgILFZU

  5. RT @Koreaboo: BLACKPINK Lisa, BTS J-Hope, iKON B.I https://t.co/9xikCBtcLz

  6. RT @ciyoconcon: #霧嶋董香生誕祭2017 トーカちゃんおめでとう! 夏の珈琲はアイスで♪ https://t.co/xh3iUssFtn

  7. RT @ultmomo: 11. best female maknae rt lisa/ fave tzuyu https://t.co/hfQKsOnxRu

  8. RT @IndoKoreaRP: Most popular ? RT for #BLACKPINK FAV for #TWICE https://t.co/QFZhZ5NNV4

  9. RT @dkn__n: はあ…はあ… https://t.co/SXV4ePVNiU

  10. RT @sotonami: #月山習生誕祭2017 鏡の前に座って2時間が経過したときの月山 https://t.co/z1XWvLDokz

  11. RT @binakabinaka: カネトーでバレンタイン https://t.co/bJ3mRtkiRz

  12. RT @StarsPoll: #StarMagicBall2016: WHOSE LOOK IS YOUR BET? RT FOR YLONA GARCIA @ylona_garcia LIKE FOR BARBIE IMPERIAL @barbieeimperial ht…

  13. RT @ylona_garcia: Bawal po? https://t.co/HZG4hejs4i

  14. RT @shaymitchnyc: RT if you're a fan of...

    Nicole Anderson

    Merritt Patterson

    Britne Oldford

    Haley Lu Richardson

    Meg Foster


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