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  1. Gửi cả đống mà ko rep à ? — Đâu phải cái gì cũng phải trả lời :)) https://t.co/2nadpsFTt9

  2. What are the best holidays you have ever had in your life? — To Shanghai of course http://t.co/JehVp3GmGS

  3. Every times i'm looking at Hyo Young, she just reminds me to Hwa Dani looks so young and cute btw :x
  4. Hyomin oppa ~ I think see look cute, but i prefer the long hair more to this
  5. it's ok if not SoYeonnie in this role I think some members in T-Ara may gets a chance with this drama,
  6. Hyo Min is so gorgeous and Qri looks just like a princess thought : x
  7. They look a bit sadly T.T Pls smile Minnie ah ~ Junggie ahhhhh ~ Love Hyomin's style >.<
  8. Ohhh Sexy : * Minnie looks so sexy .... thanks for ur post ^^
  9. Keep calm and believe in T-Ara


  10. I believe in them - 9 power of the T-Ara

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