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  1. i like this caps. jiyeon is really pretty and good. seeing the MV, reminds me of jiyeons acting in her different shows but this is the other side of her. i miss seeing her in a drama, i hope she will have soon. ) and the song is really good. making ballad songs is the specialty of CCM. ) CCM family, fighting!!!
  2. omg! Jiyeon, jjang! for me she is the best actress in t-ara. just seeing those picts. i can already feel the emotion in it.
  3. wow!! Jeon Family in one CF. hahahaha. I'm so happy for them. i love to see their CF. i hope for more CF like this to come. )
  4. i can't wait for this. i hope they will do well. everything seems so fast for t-ara right now. t-ara n4 before and now QBS and then they will release another song target. OMG!!t-ara fighting )
  5. another press conference again. i'm afraid of what details will they give because it might affect the 3 that is not in the unit. but still i hope for better details, i know we Queens want our t-ara to regain what they lost i hope it will help. i miss them already, t-ara fighting ))
  6. i hope they practice more english, if they are really going to debut in america. As i can see they are a little bit awkward with him, especially jiyeon. As i can see they are still adjusting and they having a culture shock. i hope they do well and it's true that they will meet with numerous American artists including Rihanna and Katy Perry. hahaha. i hope so. t-ara N4 fighting. and let's not forget qri, soyeon and boram, i hope they are doing good ))
  7. hyomin has a tattoo?? OMG!! is it real?? but it looks so good. hahahaha.
  8. haaayyyy..!!! i feel so sad while reading this article. CCM ruins them and keeps on ruining them. i hope t-ara will stay strong for the fans who still believes in them. and for hwayoung, i hope she's doing well right now. i miss her. (
  9. i pity eunjung unnie. (( just because of a game the people give her that nickname. k-netizens are really harsh. huhuhuhu. i know someday they will regain what they lost.
  10. is jiyeon crying in the last photo? why??
  11. our beloved t-ara is back. they are very happy and dorky especially jiyeon. hahaha. i love t-ara N4 <3 and t-ara!! daebak!!
  12. i like both of the MV's but i prefer the drama ver. because it's funny. at first i find the song weird but if you keep on repeating it, it was catchy and addictive. )) t-ara N4 fighting!!!
  13. jiyeon jjang!!! goodluck t-ara N4 )) they are all beautiful.
  14. jiyeon it totally the best!! daebak. t-ara n4, fighting!!! i hope for their success ))
  15. i can't wait for their debut as a unit. no matter what they do, i'll gonna support them. Loyal Queen's. hahahaha. fighting t-ara.you can do it. i hope you can win number 1 in different music shows in Korea. )
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