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    EunJung <3 & T-ara <3 Dancing & Singing :)
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  1. EunYeon Is Real<3 I Just Can see That :))) #넘버나인

    This 2 Girls are My Life :X http://t.co/2NfTv3v8Mj

  2. RT @coremidas: [T-ARA] 티아라-넘버나인이10월27일 인기가요1위후보입니다. '티아라' 세 글자를 적어서 #1245로 4시40분까지 문자보내주세요!

  3. RT @tiaradiadem: We hope you were able to catch T-ara's amazing live on Mucore! They're making it up the ranks.. let's seen a win on Inki! …

  4. I love EunJung rap in don't get married <3 Main rapper is back :) #넘버나인

  5. If T-ara win They will 100% Cry On stage I want to see that even thought that breaks my heart But really need to see that! Fighting <3 #넘버나인

  6. please don't forget to watch t-ara's number 9 mv in core media channal ok??!! #넘버나인

  7. LOL...Jiyeon's face when she finished her part :X #넘버나인 http://t.co/VW737u1Y7a

  8. RT @corecontents: Performance Highlights of 2012 MelOn Music Awards: http://t.co/Ep0ZmufnRf via @youtube

  9. #넘버나인 You will win

  10. Everyone! Vote for T-ara - Number Nine for Kpop Music Mondays! http://t.co/ZUKSJKmqWW via @eatyourkimchi

  11. I'm so Curious about One Thing!! is there anything that eunjung CAN'TTTTTT do?? She is awesome I didn't Hear The song BUT i already Love it
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