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  1. where are you ?

  2. aww i liked eunjung as the leader. thats kinda weird that they had a leader change, kinda discredits eunjung, like a demotion. and boram seems too quiet to be leader.
  3. wow! shes pretty, kinda looks like that one ulzzang Do Hwe Ji.
  4. these were from an event at Konkuk University 11/06/2009 http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1629
  5. unless she has autism or something, she wouldnt randomly swear on screen. This accusation was pretty stupid to begin with. Some netizens just have too much time on their hands. thanks for the translate.
  6. Then should the other team thank t-ara for their win? They lost cause they got outplayed, kinda stupid to blame it on an outfit. Theyre kinda embarrassing their team with this lame excuse for their teams loss. seems like t-ara is always taking heat for their outfits.
  7. She looks perfectly fine, if she trims down anymore, then that would be unhealthy. I would like to see how "healthy" some of these anti's are.
  8. YAYUH! I love both songs, and both concepts. Although i like "I'm Really Hurt" more. with all these "180-degree" changes, wouldn't they just end up where they started? haha.
  9. Japan already? That was fast, it felt like they just debuted in Korea and now they're off to japan already. wonder hows their Japanese...
  10. saweeet! they were chosen out of ten singers, thats pretty impressive. i will look forward to seeing them perform at the WORLD CUP!
  11. thats unfortunate, i was looking forward to LTFT promotions. oh well, it was an epic run, at least they won some awards for BPBP and got more popular. ill look forward to their future activities and hope soyeon recovers swiftly.
  12. thats pretty hilarious, what a multi-tasker, she can catch up on her sleep and handle her business at the same time.
  13. if thats the case then she must eat alot in IY, but i dont mind her getting edited out, eating is more important anyways.
  14. how noble of them to do so much charity, first they had the toilet paper and the ramen, now they're donating $10000. And theyre just rookies too.
  15. dang. they are really owning 2010, its totally going to be their year. they are ballin' out of control.
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