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  1. I like the mentality and the answers she replied with....proves she has matured much more after experiencing all those terrible situations. MAD RESPECT TO JIYEON~
  3. Uhh where did you hear or read that Qri's going to be in this drama lol I have not even heard of it and i don't think what you said is true that Qri will be on it
  4. ahh jiyeon is sooo cute xD....No matter what she does...its always pretty pretty pretty hehe ^-^~ JIYEON FIGHTING!!! T-ara FIGHTING
  5. Thanks for posting this! Finally~ The words said right there is exactly what I wanted to see... FIGHTING t-ara
  6. Yep I can see your approach too based on this situation and I do agree with you that they should have cleared their questions people have at the start of the situation. And we can agree on that KKS is not the best CEO to handle these situations therefore it lead to such disaster! Right now we can just keep supporting t-ara and hwayoung because many people suffered from this event not to mention the member's family which is saddening
  7. Hmm....I don't agree with this part because first of all even if they face the media; no one will believe because the damage has already been done. Therefore facing the media is not neccessarily the best choice since if they face media immediately....news will just make a big deal and go all crazy again. Therefore it does not put an end to this. However, letting them take a break for a while is the best choice because they need to work out every problems they have within first then learn from it and improve. In society they are known as "bullies" already. Even though there is no concrete evidence of the situation happening, but people will still label them as that even if they make a statement. If you give time into the situation a bigger news will come out then others will focus on that. That is how media works in modern days
  8. aww honestly! you don't know how much this news report makes me happy VERY PROUD OF T-ara....all that effort they put in paid off!! a great start.....keep up this momentum !! FIGHTING~
  9. Nope this is not the last episode, tomorrow is the last episode =)
  10. =) Aww thanks for sharing the video....I am happy and sad at the moment because i am happy that jiyeon has a very close best friend relationship with IU, however sad to hear that she barely has any friends. It is quite frustrating for an idol especially for jiyeon too since shes young and all.....I hope this can change =D
  11. Thanks for sharing It is really awesome~....I love how everyone shouts for jiyeon when its her parts ^^ ....On the bright side I am very happy to see Jiyeon's serious face that shes trying her best Gomawo yo
  12. Seriously I can't wait for this to be sub because i get to see Jiyeon and IU reunited.....its been too long where i see both of them together on tv ^^ makes me miss those heroes time.....Also the jijungmin moments hehe ^^
  13. YES FINALLY~ i wanna see Jiyeon more on variety~~ IT's always entertaining to have her on variety shows. i.e. Heroes ....But i hope her nose is okay!!! Hope ur health is okay jiyeon; i will pray for you
  14. O_O the mv wasn't bad but did anybody find it hard to focus since they just change scenes in an instant .....but i am happy jiyeon was so hot in the mv like usual hehe ^^
  15. Hey guys, can anybody tell me what actually is wrong with Jiyeon? I heard shes injured?
  16. Honestly I am very proud of these girls because half of their health is not well yet they give us fans their best! It was obvious that Soyeon was struggling with her voice but she still tried to sang it with powerful and stable which makes me very proud as a QUEEN's fan. Not to mention Jiyeon who has a nose injury from what I heard, but she still does her part well infact i think her vocals in these 2 performances were one of the best because it clearly showed that she improved even though the parts weren't alot but she still improved. It makes me very proud....I pray for the health of T-ara to be better~~ FIGHTING GIRLS!! YOU CAN DO IT
  17. As expected from the mouth of t-ara very smart replies and touching....FIGHTING
  18. D: Where is Jiyeon aww but still looking good and can't wait~
  19. Omo Omo SOO can't wait hehe ~ T-ara fighting.....I know you girls will own this!!!!
  20. i am really happy to hear they achieved an all kill lets keep up this momentum for the live performances.....T-ara FIGHTING !!!!
  21. The MV was totally mind blowing....It was way too good; I had to repeat watching Jiyeon and Hyomin. Their acting were superb!!! Well done T-ara!!! FIGHTING~
  22. Man....after reading this article; I am very proud of T-ara. They are so kind hearted and generous while on the other hand all their CEO cares about is $$$. They deserved to be treated more well!!!
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