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  1. I'm so happy boram has short hair again =]. Her ponytail fits her the best imo.
  2. I really really like their debut song =], mostly because Girl's day was in their mv lol
  3. I don't know who the reporter is, but the fact that he wrote this makes him a real good guy in my eyes =]. Too bad it's way too late and nobody will believe him either =[.
  4. I'm actually pitying KKS in a way. No matter what he does he'll get hated on. Fans don't know exactly how T-ara feels about him either, maybe they really do thank him a lot.
  5. I feel like she wil return to t-ara one day. I think that she really did have a good bond with the rest of the girls towards the end and they will gladly accept each other when it's all calmed down.
  6. Can anyone tell me how big her role is? Is she a supporting actress?
  7. I guess I can understand why people would be mad... It's like they are trying to forget that there's scandal.
  8. Jo Harang just got herself a new fan =]. More celebrities need to step up and support T-ara, fight against the walls of anonymous haters!
  9. I mean I've been supporting this view since day one... it's really terrible how easily people believe things.
  10. A really good decision. I hope that their reports about false refunds is true.
  11. I just read a funny comment on AKP, thought I would share it with you guys "According to people here: If T-ARA says something, they're obviously lying bitches. If KKS says something, he's obviously lying because that just how he is. If Hwayoung says something, she's obviously lying because KKS told her to. But if anonymous people say things against T-ARA, they're obviously telling the truth even though it's baseless. Why bother demanding the truth when your obviously going to label it as a lie?"
  12. If what he is saying is true then I am really really happy that the mass concert tickets refund was untrue. But there's still fear of booing when the time comes =/
  13. I'm pretty sure nobody cares about Dani =/. Why did they have to remind us that she's going to join =[
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