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  1. I just can't wait for this. OMG T__T Finally an Eunjung appearance in a film fest :3 5F reunion! woohoo!
  2. You are the one I can't run from.

  3. I love Hahm Eunjung OMG nuff said

  4. Then Philippines is not included in the list any longer. CREYS T^T Why is CCM doing this to us?! T^T paasa.
  5. I REALLY HOPE KKS IS NOT TROLLING. And if ever they'll really go here in the Philippines, FILIPINO QUEEN'S we need to do really something DAEBAK. Since their fan base is not that big here in our country.
  6. Hopefully HK media will only throw good questions >_< Ahh good luck T-ara! ALL THE BEST! Fighting!!!!
  7. I bet this will not end until someone from T-ara speak up. I mean, they need to defend themselves too >_< If not, everything will be taken away from them T_T IMO.
  8. AND EUNJUNG WINS \o/ Reporters LEAVE EUNJUNG ALONE! Thank goodness she didn't cry. I'm sure a crying Eunjung is what they want for their articles.
  9. Don't the netizens know that what they're doing is also bullying? CYBER BULLYING YES. How cruel media can be. SMH. T-ara hwaiting! Don't worry karma will slap those people who's dragging you down! And I'll back up that karma if it needs some help \o/
  10. Oh it's alright guys, much better than JYP with 6 guys O_O And maybe Jiyeon can't do some massive physical activity yet. Eunjungie! HWAITING! ♥_♥
  11. So packed T-ara schedule! Stay healthy Queen's! So stoked for their comeback! DAEBAK!
  12. sleepyhead. too much reading of fanfics. wheeew. T-ARA HWAITING!

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