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  1. OMG So cool! I can't wait any longer! Sso is so pretty and cool though
  2. I dun like Sso's new nose it doesn't suit her. I want her old nose back
  3. OH GOD CCM I don't know what to say to you anyway best wishes for ahreum and t ara is now back as 6 the original members
  4. Sso wae so adorable and pretty!! can't wait for the mv
  5. I want more of Sso!! anyway Sso sso pretty
  6. AHHH~ I love Soyeon's Love poem and her voice!~!~!~!~!~!
  8. WHAT?!?!?! go rest more!!!!rested for 2 days after being in a car accident..
  9. OMG Soyeon~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"the car flipped" I REALLY HOPE YOUR OK and this happened after doing that interview ILL SUPPORT YOU 4EVER SOYEON. Im crying right now
  10. WOW IM REALLY SPEECHLESS NOW!! "the T-ara members wish that Hwayoung will find success as a great rapper." WTF?!?!? im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dissapointed at T-ARA RIGHT NOW!!! SOO UNPROFESSIONAL
  11. OMG i cant wait!! the song sounds good but no soyeon i want to see her act in their MV's at least once
  12. OMG I can't wait!! Is she the lead actress? I hope so Go Soyeon Go!!!!!!
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