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  1. thanks for answering my questions.. I really hope i made it in time of the deadline..are there any confirmations that they received the form?
  2. thanks for answering.. Do you think it's ok if i answered my form like this: Name: Jennifer Ordiales Contact No: Passport Name: Ordiales Jennifer Lagman Address: Payment By: Ma. Concepcion Ordiales thru tiaradiadem.com or I really need to edit my form?
  3. hi in the list above it is the name of my sister that is listed..in submitting the form do i need to write her name or my name? thanks for the reply and i noticed that your example for the form is Name: Elly (DIADEM) do i need to write my full name or just write my username in the forum? Sorry I'm just a little bit confused because my sister is the one that made the payment thru paypal.
  4. I'm supposed to pay today in pay pal but what should i click in these choices: I'm paying for goods or services or I'm making personal payments (shared expenses, rental charges, payment and others) hoping for a reply asap Nah it's ok.. I'm done anyway I'll just wait for the confirmation..
  5. when i checked the daum cafe, if i'm not mistaken there's a number 3 beside my username..is it ok or not..? and do you have any idea on how much is the additional fee in pay pal? thanks
  6. Woohooo..another rip off..thank you japanese market..but I still love it though..I will save every penny I have just to buy these XD
  7. Wow..1st teaser pic for their comeback..seeing this makes me more excited..plus their cheoreography will be musical-like..wooohh..
  8. T-ara really appreciates their fans..They're all so awesome..I'm happy that they are starting to slowly be genuinely happy again..Thanks also for the fans in Korea that didn't stop in believing in them.. I'm sure it means a lot to them..
  9. does the album includes an official poster? Idk if I can still pre order this or buy it at a later time because I registered at the fan club and my hard earned cash is running low.. haha
  10. whew.. at last I'm finished..hope the shipping fee isn't very expensive
  11. can someone please help me.. I already finished purchasing..I also finished registering in the fan cafe..I just can't follow where I will post my confirmation letter..and when will we pay for the shipping fee of the goods..thanks in advance for the person/people that will help me..
  12. I finished registering but i can't seem to proceed to the payment..everytime I click the booking icon I am redirected to the inipay plug-in..but i already downloaded it..what shall i do..plese help
  13. double song..double the fun..weeee...I'm very excited..really..I can't wait..only few more days to go
  14. wow..can't wait for their comeback..I'm really looking forward to music bank next week..woot
  15. I really can't wait for their comeback.. I hope they will promote this long enough in korea and they will appear in many shows..I hope koreans will recognize again their talents and let bygones be bygones..
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