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    shinjinjung0124 reacted to nathaniel in [13.05.13] T-ara N4's first meeting with Chris Brown.. "All smiles"   
    [13.05.13] T-ara N4's first meeting with Chris Brown.. "All smiles"

    Girl group T-ara's unit T-ara N4 and worldwide hip-hop star Chris Brown had their first meeting.

    On the 13th, according to Core Contents Media, after arriving to the LA airport on the 12th (local time), Chris Brown's 18 bodyguards escorted T-ara N4 to his location.

    T-ara N4 had their first meeting with Chris Brown on the set of his MV filming. At the sight of the T-ara N4 members, Chris Brown welcomed them with smiles and said "I wanted to meet you guys."

    T-ara N4 members said to Chris Brown, "Thank you for liking our 'Rural Life' music and inviting us to the United States with the hospitable treatment of limousines and bodyguards."

    Core Contents Media said, "T-ara N4 will meet with numerous American artists including Chris Brown, and during their stay in America they'll meet with various music officials before returning on the 16th or 17th to Korea."
    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20130513n14431
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    shinjinjung0124 reacted to aleya in [13.05.11] Video - Princess T-ara Episode 4   
    [13.05.11] Video - Princess T-ara Episode 4

    credit : tarahappyrain @ youtube
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    shinjinjung0124 reacted to aleya in [13.05.06] Video HD - T-ara N4 @ The Beatles Codes   
    full :
    credit : tarahappyrain @ youtube
    Source: TV Report via Nate

    Hyomin: "When I was in high school, there were rumors about me being an iljin. It was only beause I was friends with those type of kids in my neighborhood, but I wasn't anything more than that. There were also rumors that I had assaulted my friends and forced them to transfer out of the school. I never once hit anybody. I'd rather someone came forward and claimed themselves as a victim if that were the case." When asked about her transfer, "I transferred schools because it was a decision made by my mom who wanted me to study at a higher level school because I had such an ardor for it. It wasn't at all because I bullied anyone. The reason I never said anything about it at the time was because I didn't want anyone to make fun of my friends because of me."

    Eunjung: "I can see why people would think of it as bullying if they only saw what was revealed online. But I also had my own bullying rumors. Between the two days that the scandal occurred, we did get into a fight with Hwayoung. I admit that it was wrong of us to use Twitter to publicly express ourselves like that. The fact that we posted those things on Twitter was wrong in and of itself. The longer we stayed quiet, the bigger the misunderstandings and the rumors got. At one point, even we wondered of we were bullies because the internet made it seem that way. I was always proud of the fact that I had lived without anything to be embarrassed of, so it was miserable for me to feel like I had become a horrible person."

    Eunjung: "Whenever an article about us is released, there are a lot of hateful comments on them. I read them at first because I was curious but I can no longer read them because they make me feel so down."

    Hyomin: "The hateful comment that upset me the most was when Soyeon unni was in a car accident and someone wrote, 'Just die.' They even claimed the accident was manipulated. The actual accident was serious enough so that Soyeon unni was hurled out of the car."

    Hyomin: "After there was a fight in Japan, we had a 'Music Bank' schedule right after it. It was an awkward moment for us. We talked for about 40 minutes with Hwayoung in Korea. It was a stage that we had all dreamt of standing on and I didn't want to go on it with a fight."

    Hyomin + Eunjung: "After the scandal, we had to make a public appearance. We couldn't say anything about it given the situation and it frustrated us to the point where it bothered us in our dreams. I just wanted to say two things: 'I'm sorry and I'll work harder.' If we had explained what had actually happened, the scandal would've gotten bigger. We wanted to tell the truth. We wanted to admit what was true and explain what was wrong and promise to reflect. But to the public, we became kids that did nothing."

    Jiyeon: "Because we had already worked with each other for three years, I understand it might've been difficult for Hwayoung to fit in with the members. I bet it was hard for her to adjust to T-ara..."

    Group: "If we had really hated Hwayoung, I don't think there would've even been a fight. But because of us, Hwayoung must've been really upset and lonely. Whatever the reason, we're just sorry that as public figures, we caused what we did."
    edit :
    eng subs part 1
    credit @ vineo1223 @ youtube
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    shinjinjung0124 reacted to Robbe_881 in [13.05.06] Video HD - T-ara N4 @ The Beatles Codes   
    [13.05.06] Video HD - T-ara N4 @ The Beatles Codes

    Part 1:

    Part: 2:

    Part 3:
    Credit: 뚜 껑 @ youtube
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    shinjinjung0124 reacted to nathaniel in [13.05.06] T-ara N4, "As public figures, we are sorry for everything we caused"   
    [13.05.06] T-ara N4, "As public figures, we are sorry for everything we caused"

    Girl group T-ara finally talks about the rumors they have been involved with ever since their debut. They also for the first time explain what happened with the controversial bullying scandal last year, where Hwayoung left the group.

    On May 6th's episode of Mnet "Beatles Code", T-ara N4 appeared. T-ara N4 is T-ara's sub-unit consisting of Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon and Areum, and on this day, they talked candidly about the bullying scandal.

    Hyomin began by saying, "There are rumors about me being an iljin back in high school. It all began because I played around with those kids in my neighborhood and was friends with some of them.. but it wasn't anything more than that." She continued to say as she began to cry, "There were also rumors that I had assaulted friends and forced people to transfer. I have never hit anyone. If I did hit someone, I would hope the victim comes forward.. but it is untrue."

    When asked about why she transferred schools, she responded by saying, "My mom decided it for me, that I would transfer into a higher academic school. I never assaulted or hated on anybody. I never talked about this before because I didn't want anyone to make fun of my friends because of what I've said."

    T-ara N4 members admit that in July of 2012, there was a fallout between the members and Hwayoung that escalated after the SNS postings on Twitter. But unlike what people claim, Eunjung explained it was not bullying. She said, I understand why people would believe it was bullying by what had been published online, but I have my own bullying theories as well."

    She continued, "Between the two days that the case happened, it is true that we got into a quarrel with Hwayoung. However, we were thoughtless and behaved wrongly by posting it publicly over Twitter."

    "Posting it alone on Twitter was wrong by itself," she admitted. "As more time went on, rumors kept growing and we became more misunderstood. Even we looked had thought 'Are we really bullies' because of the way the Internet made it out to be. I always took pride in living my life with no shame, but afterwards I felt like I had became a horrible person."

    Eunjung commented on the fact that T-ara's article receive a lot of malicious comments online by saying, "Our comments get a lot and a lot of malicious comments. At first, I was curious, so I would read them, but I would get overwhelmed and had to stop reading soon."

    Hyomin said, "The most malicious comment I read online was after Soyeon unnie got into a traffic accident, and I read 'She should've just died' in an article comment. They even said the car accident was manipulated. The car accident was so severe that Soyeon was thrown out of the car."

    T-ara spoke about their controversial KBS2 "Music Bank" performance. Hyomin said, "The 'Music Bank' schedule was right after the fallout we had in Japan. It was a really awkward moment. We shared a long conversation with Hwayoung for about 40 minutes before the camera rehearsal."
    Hyomin recalls, "I said 'We've dreamed so long for this moment to be on this stage, so why are we arguing with eachother?' and then we apologized to her for what we did over Twitter. At the end, we were smiling and we finished our talk nicely and regretful of what happened."

    But the bullying controversy already spread across the Internet. After the camera rehearsal, Hyomin said, "After the camera rehearsal, we came back and it was everywhere on the Internet. 15 minutes before the live broadcast, the boss called and told Hwayoung not to go on stage at 'Music Bank'."
    But it was too late, because the feud between T-ara and Hwayoung spread online in just hours, and the agency's CEO had to make a decision for the group's unity. Hwayoung took part in rehearsals only, and didn't show on broadcast. After this, it was revealed Hwayoung would no longer be a member of T-ara.

    Hyomin and Eunjung said, "After the incident, we had to make appearances still. But we were not given permission to talk about the situation. We were so frustrated and it reappeared in our dreams. We just wanted to say two things, "Sorry" and 'We'll work harder.'"

    They continued to say, "If we tried to clarify our points, the case would become bigger. We really wanted to reveal the truth, but it was frustrating. We wanted to say what was true, and clarify what was wrong and promise to take time to reflect.. but to the public, we were just immature kids who didn't do anything and had no reflections."

    Jiyeon said, reflecting and saying she felt bad for Hwayoung, "Because T-ara members had already been working together for three years, we understood how she might have had trouble fitting in. I understand how she had troubles adapting to T-ara."

    The members said, "If we really hated Hwayoung, we would probably not care enough to make such a big deal and quarrel. We are regretful because Hwayoung must have been upset and lonely." Crying, they said, "As public figures, we are sorry for everything we caused."

    T-ara N4 addressed all the rumors, including the iljin school day rumors and not greeting their senior singers. T-ara was 100% candid on this day.
    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20130506n31837
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    shinjinjung0124 reacted to nathaniel in [13.05.06] T-ara's Eunjung, "Ricecake Eunjung? The evil look on my face was intentional"   
    [13.05.06] T-ara's Eunjung, "Ricecake Eunjung? The evil look on my face was intentional"

    T-ara's Eunjung confessed her feelings over the "ricecake incident."

    T-ara N4 (Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon, Areum) appeared as guests on the May 6th episode of Mnet's "Beatles Code".

    At the time of the bullying incident, a case of "bullying evidence" was Eunjung forcefully pushing a ricecake into the mouth of Hwayoung while she was smiling on a Japan broadcast. Eunjung said, "It was only the penalty of the game."

    Eunjung said, "The team that wins gets to make the loser suffer a penalty of feeding them food in a fun way. It was deliberate that I built a more sinister look."

    According to Eunjung, Hwayoung was on the losing team with Hyomin and Qri, and her decision of forcefully feeding Hwayoung was not significant for any reason. She said, "We thought the idea was fun. We didn't have any idea it would become such a big deal." At this point, Jiyeon said that the PD told them "to exaggerate to make the show more funny and interesting."

    Eunjung then said, "I never can eat a lot of ricecake anymore." She talked about her nickname "Ricecake Eunjung" and commented, "During the Olympics, I would check Twitter, but I was really hurt just reading 'Ricecake Eunjung OUT' and comments like "Ricecake Eunjung, ricecake please~"
    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20130507n00252
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    shinjinjung0124 reacted to arebot84 in [12.11.08] T-ara's Jiyeon putting off her college education again this year   
    look like she will be really busy next year....
    if she study maybe she will majoring in acting just like Eunjung...
    maybe she will enter the same time as Suzy & IU...
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