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  1. Jiyeon's as as simple as a kid. With just an ice cream makes her happy She specializes abstract painting
  2. Jiyeon's very excited. She puts everyone in a happy mood Ji - Jung' re almost beside
  3. Tara's member had to give up their own dream became a part of Tara. Thanks for that SoRi are always exciting couple
  4. Be strong Qri - Queen's will be by your side forever Everything will be alright - May he rests in heaven
  5. Poor Tara. They've been hurt a lot too. Don't care about idiots. Queen's always beside and suport Tara . Let's go on
  6. "Little Tara" are not as cute as Tara But I'm looking forward to seeing Tara at Mnet "M!Countdown Tara Fighting
  7. Enjung was hurt cuz antifan and now she was hurt again cuz sponsors. It's so unfair Queen's don't want her to get hurt any more.
  8. I always admire Tara's iron will and responsibility. Tara are the strongest determination group. Soyeon get well soon
  9. She wasn't seriously hurt. Thanks godness for that. Hope she get well soon
  10. Queen's always believe Tara. I hope so Hwa comeback Tara. Everything will be allright
  11. I'm not fan Hwa but I'm disappointed by Hwa 'll leave Tara. However I alway support Tara
  12. Tara always behave friendly and fun toward Queen's This is a reason why I like them so much
  13. I really like their new style, it's fresh and unique. Wait for Tara comeback
  14. Don't like Areum. She pretend to be innocent & cute. Still like than Dino
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