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  1. I know that it stinks for some fans to hear this BUT they gotta understand that they have to put Jiyeon's comeback on hold due to the resurfacing of the five-year-old T-ara bullying scandal and will pick things right back up once the controversy is settled once and for all. And no, we aren't going to wait forever, it's just that we will have to continue waiting a while for new solo material from Jiyeon. So yeah, there's a chance that Jiyeon will be making a solo comeback sometime later on this year when the scandal dies down for good completely. We shall have to put Jiyeon's past solo debut single on repeat for the time being until the controversy is completely out of the picture.
  2. My heart now belongs to Qri. SORRY JIYEON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. All that I can say is it's always a very good thing to see idols like Hyeri and Jiyeon being such amazing friends. It shows why K-Pop fans everywhere love this and it is also a reason why K-Pop fans shouldn't fight at all
  4. I am so happy for the girls because they truly deserve such huge recognition in China and i'm also glad that they are now getting ready to start their activities in China. And with T-ara starting off their promotions in China, I wonder if there's going to be a Chinese version of their song, "Sugar Free"
  5. I have finished watching the remix video and it was incredible. And DJ Ferry did an awesome job on his remix, making the song more awesome. And by the way, did ya'll hear that? We will finally be hearing the remixes in full when the remix album comes out tomorrow. So yeah, that'll be worth the wait. We will spazz hard for sure when we hear the remixes and the epic English version of the song
  6. Well, the Girls' Generation-TTS comeback isn't a factor so yeah, there's no real reason why the girls had to push back the release. But all we know is due to the girls' filming for a remix of "Sugar Free", the remixes and the English version will be out next week. And I guarantee that it will be worth the long wait
  7. Yes, it unfortunately is still postponed at the moment. But as DJ Ferry's tweet has revealed, the remixes will be out next week. So yeah, it's still coming and you'll still get to hear the English version of the song. It's definitely no big deal
  8. I'm absolutely stoked about the remixes of the song and i'm also psyched up about the new English version of the song. I truly believe that the girls will sound so sexy and cute in English. I really do. I am definitely looking forward to hearing the English version of "Sugar Free" and I hope that the version will have worldwide DJs like Calvin Harris, Avicii and David Guetta remix the song
  9. I gotta say that Hyomin absolutely has a nice body. And it's no joke. Hyomin sure has the most beautiful body ever and she has no shame at all showing it off
  10. Well everyone, the MVs for "Nice Body" are out so i'm inviting everyone here to go check them out, especially the super duper sexy and seductive 19+ rated dance version MV
  11. Hyomin's dance moves are simply amazing and totally sexy too. I absolutely hope that no one will ever ask Hyomin to tone it down and I also hope that the television networks can at least let her slide with this because it won't ever make any young girls follow suit and become ultra sexy
  12. I'm in love with Hyomin now. SORRY JIYEON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I am absolutely sure that Jiyeon felt so excited to see herself on the posters at all of the Burger King restaurants across South Korea. And i'm sure that her friends felt super duper happy for her as well. So yeah, with this kind of awesome news, I truly have a feeling that Jiyeon's solo debut will be extra successful and I wouldn't be surprised if her solo debut single immediately tops the charts after its release. Plus i'm truly extra excited for Jiyeon's solo debut myself
  14. Well, of course we all know that just like the other artists that had comebacks in April but had to put them on hold due to last month's Sewol tragedy, we now have a new official date for Jiyeon's solo debut that is of course set on the 20th, just before Memorial Day in the US. After a couple weeks of mourning for the Sewol victims, we will finally be seeing Jiyeon show off her trademark sexy charms and get all of the fanboys out there all worked up with her ultra sexy dance moves. So of course everyone, including me, is looking forward to it. And I still don't know whether the water scenes in Jiyeon's upcoming solo MV will be cut out out of respect for the Sewol sinking victims and their families. All that I can say is we will have to wait until May 20th and find out if the scenes have been actually cut out or not
  15. Well, we don't know. All that I can say is we will continue to wait for Jiyeon's solo debut because apparently, it had been postponed due to last month's Sewol ferry sinking. We will find out what the MV will look like when it comes out very soon. I will let you know the new release date for Jiyeon's solo debut single
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