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  1. T-Ara new look, really colourful >__< it's a bit suprised. But that's awesome lol. just boram who doesn't dyed her hair? O.o
  2. Hyomin~~ she is really cool. it seems they all change their appearance in the MV making o.O
  3. what is Boram holding? O.o ah jiyeon's fan is quiet big. i wanna collect it all T.T
  4. OMG Hyomin's hair (_ ___") they're totally changed. I cant imagine the MV because the song is contraditory lol XD about dani, i think she isn't bad as we thought. I hope she can give the best to T-Ara. Hwaiting for the next comeback, i can't wait anymore OTL
  5. i thought they really would stop acting this year, it's a bit suprising. But anyway goodluck hyomin,stay healthy and don't work too hard, hwaiting ^^
  6. this is not bad as i imagined. Last time i just annoyed with Danee because she is too young >_< but now i can accept them,both of Areum and Danee, i think. So let's give a warm welcoming to Areum, can't wait to see her with T-Ara for next comeback ^-^
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