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  1. Happy birthday our sexy and dorky Hyomin unni! Saranghae! :)

  2. She is just soo gorgeous and stunning!! I lover her look here! And don't forget her abs *.* I wish i could have abs like her. I'm definitely buying the magazine if it's available here!
  3. Ahhhh hyominnie's abs... *.* Eunjung unnie so funny hahaha. I'm gonna go and practice this then~~
  4. They look absolutely Amazing!! This their best performance and stage clothes yet, IMO. JIyeon looks amazing! Eunjung looks gorgeous! Ahreum is simply BEAUTIFUL! I love her voice! And of course Hyominnie!!! waaa she's a goddess! her abs and figure wow! I love her voice as usual. I just love this performance! I just hoped I was there to catch the cap that she threw (( T-ara N4 fighting!! #13 is not that bad but its not that good too. I hope they'll be able to climb up to #1.
  5. Ahhh I cant wait!! I enjoyed banisuta though Hyomin wasnt there. Eunjung was always the one who mentions Hyomin there. It was great of them to make a Hyomin special before. But Now that she'll finally be, I'm supeer excited! Waaa Aitakata Hyomin unni!!!
  6. Great performance! Hyomin looks gorgeous! Waa they're no. 4!!! Great job girls! Keep it up!!
  7. This. This really breaks my heart. Seeing those tears and devastated faces, I could totally feel the sadness they are feeling. And how it must've been for them. I hope people would listen and understand their side, after all this is what they have waited for, to finally clear things up. Though it would've been better if all of them were present. Nevertheless, I hope all of us will listen to them with open hearts since we don't really know what happened. Only them could tell us, so I hope they(netizens) will give them this chance without hurting them any further. Seeing Hyomin cry like that really makes me so sad. I mean, she has always been soft hearted but she does try to appear okay in front of us. But this preview showed me how it was really hard for her to bottle it in inside and she must've been so tired already that she couldn't help but burst in tears. This shows how people you don't even know can hurt you this much. Jiyeon was quiet the whole time, but I know she is trying to keep the tears inside. I know she has things to say, so I hope they don't criticize her when she finally decides to talk. It would be an obviously hard decision for her if she decides to let it all out. Judging from what Eunjung said that they too have no idea about anything. That hurts them further. Ahreum was obviously sad too. She finally debuts but there are people who hate on her just because she was put into T-ara. She is just trying to reach for her dreams and when she finally does she gets hate on that must've been really hard on her. They must've felt it was unfair. They are being hated for the things that they have not the slightest idea of. I hope the hate will finally die down after all this. They have suffered enough and despite all of those hate they still persevered and continued to do what they do best. I truly wish to see their true smiles finally. Hoping that they'll finally be able to smile without much effort. As Hyomin unni said "Queen's is T-ara. No Betrayal forever" I, as a Queen will forever support them even until they grow old. T-ara fighting!!
  8. I love them soo much! They are daebak! Amazing comeback stage!!! T-ara N4 fighting!!!
  9. Oh my gosh, Philippines is included!!!! I hope they'll come at summer, so that I can go. damn...wish this is true, Finally Kpop is moving into the Philippines. Next year is gonna make me poor. Kpop Fantasy Concert and if T-ara does come. T-ara please come!!!!
  10. Minnie unni, T.T I'am happy to have finally seen her after a long time. But it pains me more to see her in this state. I miss her happy and dorky self. Her funny antics and smile. Seeing her at the verge of crying, made me want to beat that reporter. I know that these reporters have thrown away their feelings of sympathy in order to get the information they want, but still, aren't they human enough to still feel a little bit of sympathy to at least give her the time to momentarily forget the painful event that is happening to her and the other members and Hwayoung. This is a press conference for her drama, a drama which she was happy to be part of, not about the so called "bullying controversy". They should've at least respected that. unni, it's enough for us Queen's to see you brave enough to step out in public, despite everything. You have already made us fans happy. Please be strong, although this step is the most difficult, I know you can overcome this. We are always here to support you and the girls. So please don't feel discouraged, because there are still a lot of us Queen's who are waiting for you and T-ara with open arms. I'am anticipating her drama and T-ara's comeback. Let's show our girls that the bond between T-ara and Queen's can never be severed by any obstacle/challenge that is thrown at us. Hyomin unni fighting! T-ara fighting!
  11. I hope she gets well soon. this is truly a devastating news. T-ara and Queen's are being put through so much. Soyeon unni get well soon! Fighting!
  12. This news makes me happy&worried. I do hope they provide the much needed security for her during the prescon. I'm quite sure this scandal would be brought up during the event. If ever she chooses to take this opportunity to finally break the silence about the scandal, I hope she wouldn't take it all to herself. (I'd rather she blames KKS hahaha) I wish things would finally settle down, and Hyomin showing up is the first step to bringing T-ara back. Excited for their comeback. :3 Minnie unni, showing us that you are doing okay and still standing strong, is more than enough to make me happy. Please be safe. I've missed seeing your face and smile. Hyomin unni fighting! Korean Queen's! Please protect our Minnie.
  13. I'm sad and disappointed, not towards T-ara but to some fellow Queen's. I can't blame them for being this way but I'm sad to know that their love for T-ara is this weak. I can't fathom that they'd easily waver because of this incident, when we haven't heard anything from the girls themselves. Although CCM definitely made a big mistake by saying their twitters got hacked, i mean that's just stupid. But as a fellow Queen's, I expected the fans to stand strong together and hopes that all of these are just misunderstandings. But instead we are divided, between T6 Vs Hwayoung. I will admit, that if ever these are all true, I will truly be disappointed. But since it isn't confirmed yet, we should stand strong together against the many antis who are bashing T-ara. I'm quite sure T-ara needs us loyal fans by their side during and after this incident closes.(May it be proven or not). Let's hope that announcement is not what we are most afraid of. T-ara and Queen's are one! Keep the faith and trust alive Queen's!
  14. Hyomin unni please be okay...

  15. I believe T-ara will do an awesome job, just hope the choreo is just as awesome as they are. But Jonte has a good reputation, so I guess that eases my worry a lil bit. I absolutely love the song. it is very addicting. T-ara fighting!
  16. Daebak! They are indeed Digital monsters! This just proves that their songs are of high quality and are loved by everyone, may it be a fan or not. I'm happy for their achievement! This is where we international fans come in. Although I really wanna buy bulk purchases of their album so that I'll be able to help boost their physical sales, but living in another country just doesn't help. I'm sure a lot of Queen's feel the same way as me. Aarrgh I wanna help T-ara unnis be #1 in everything! Live Shows, Physical sales all those things.They deserve to be #1. Anyways, If anyone can tell me how to make my support valuable and existent please do inform me. Seeing as they'll be facing two strong groups, they need all the support they can get. And I'am ready to give 100 make that 101%. I'm proud to be a Queen's. T-ara Fighting! Excited for 7th and 9th.
  17. although I'm excited and happy to see her as the lead female. But it is also quite worrisome, health wise. I hope she'll be okay despite the busy schedules she'll be facing. Anyways, I'm glad people are recognizing her acting abilities! Excited for their new song and Hyomin unni's drama! T-ara fighting! Hyomin unni fighting! HYOMIN jjang!
  18. addicted to the HYOMIN drug~~

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