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  1. RT @jjsdimple: Fave hair color on Jimin RT AFTER VOTINGㅡ [#BTS #BestBoyBand #iHeartAwards @BTS_twt]

  2. RT @hobigallery: cutest-waddling-babies.mp4 https://t.co/u4DcTFbOEZ

  3. RT @for_ARMYs: [INFO] @BTS_twt’s #MicDropRemix gets its 4TH WEEK on Billboard Hot 100 still on #79! Amazing, ARMY! Let’s keep it up! Star…

  4. I once loved shinee the way I love bts now and I really didn’t expect this I’m trying to get a grip cos there’s sti… https://t.co/3tQITxpXCx

  5. RT @sugafull27: @BTS_twt Basically he was saying they debuted w tht motto but they werent able to share their music and stage freely.. ther…

  6. RT @for_ARMYs: [INFO] @BTS_twt was the first artist to ever enter UK and Germany official Singles chart in the Top 100 simultaneously since…

  7. RT @officialjaden: I'm Serious I Actually Wanna Be A K Pop Star.

  8. RT @MartinGarrix: no xxxxing xxxx sherlock it's my own song @SoundCloud https://t.co/kKNfvufquh

  9. RT @xavierlur: Timberland collaborated with these talented Pathlight students to design these shoes. So pretty

  10. just ate a hugeass cookie at 12am, now considering if I should sleep or let the cookie digest a little more

  11. RT @kyotorichi: i tried taking a cool pic but https://t.co/Jbksm8YgKX

  12. bloody sleepy trying not to fall asleep in junior seminar fml

  13. Fever coming back to wreck me kinda want to skip school tmr but the fomo is real, uni is tough

  14. RT @VP: Happy 55th, Barack! A brother to me, a best friend forever. https://t.co/uNsxouTKOO

  15. RT @Yemz_: "Okay Hillary remember to look surprised when the balloons fall down" Hillary: say no more https://t.co/FoKxPbxDG6

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