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  1. RT @MIN_YannGI: Can someone tell Yoongi to eat more please?its still almost a month before comeback and hes so skinny already :(( https://t…

  2. RT @iHeartRadio: Current mood ? | @BTS_twt https://t.co/vt1DsKwtcT

  3. RT @Heartchimchim: 180408 puma fansign #JIN @BTS_twt https://t.co/fzSI6MF3fu

  4. RT @pjmlied: bighit deserves all the love : ( they worked so hard. bighit has the best ceo, managers, producers, stylists, choreographers,…

  5. RT @btsoutcharted: My favorite thing about tours are the heart events Seokjin does and the creative ways he shows his love. He is so charis…

  6. RT @HITMAN_FANBASE: BTS members know all the secrets about each other. Everything, except Genius lab code door. @BTS_twt #BTSxYoutubeRed…

  7. RT @flirtsjeon: jimin’s lil wave and yoongi shyly looking down stfu this is so soft ;(( #iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy #BTSARMY @BTS_twt https:…

  8. RT @THOSFansBTS: THOSFans @BTS_twt — T+RT Update (per hour) #THOSFansBTS26F: (+40K) THOSFansAgoney26F: (+1,5K) THOSFansChenoa26F: (+1,1K)…

  9. RT @btsfancafes: bts is already making 2018 their xxxx. can i get a heck yeah? {#BTSARMY #BestFanArmy #iHeartAwards @BTS_twt} https://t.c…

  10. RT @btsanalytics: [?] Best Boy Band: #iHeartAwards #BestBoyBand #BTS - @BTS_twt!

  11. RT @naaadmd: The fact that after all the fame Jungkook can still go out around the city to enjoy some time on his own makes me happy. They…

  12. RT @jjsdimple: Fave hair color on Jimin RT AFTER VOTINGㅡ [#BTS #BestBoyBand #iHeartAwards @BTS_twt]

  13. RT @hobigallery: cutest-waddling-babies.mp4 https://t.co/u4DcTFbOEZ

  14. RT @for_ARMYs: [INFO] @BTS_twt’s #MicDropRemix gets its 4TH WEEK on Billboard Hot 100 still on #79! Amazing, ARMY! Let’s keep it up! Star…

  15. I once loved shinee the way I love bts now and I really didn’t expect this I’m trying to get a grip cos there’s sti… https://t.co/3tQITxpXCx

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