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  1. I'm really starting to hate how the word 'determination'. Just stop CCM. Really. Just...No. Don't even mention that word.
  2. I see. Haha, I guess it's hard to remember that kpop idols are human too; it almost maddening how high we regard them. And I agree, someone had to snap if it went on too long. And it's a pity it did; I hoped that KKS would realize it and fix it before they snapped, but... Haha, I'll remember this forever "If you believe that T-ara are a bunch of angels, then you are delusional...Angels should go to heaven, not stay on Earth and get tormented." And, no, it's not that confusing, I get it ^-^ "T-ara to bounce back" yeah, I want that too... "KKS to resign" you have no idea how much I want that... "T-ara to move to a new company" totally, there's no worse company than CCM at the moment... "Qri getting married" Oh yeah, that'd be ni- wait. What??? lol.
  3. As grudging as I am to admit this, I've been really really wishy washy with T-ara since all this happened. My ride with T-ara and Queen's alike has been a bumpy one. .At first, I thought, "No way. They'd never do such things." And, I admit, I was in that stage of being a delusional, illogical fan in denial. But then I thought about it, and it was completely possible, plausible, and likely. .And then I was deadbent on not supporting T-ara. I didn't bash them or anything, because I think it's a stupid waste of time to try to get some attention but I just never saw them the same afterwards. .But then as they kept getting more and more hate, I realized that T-ara isn't the one that has the most blame. It's the fuking dumbass, sorry excuse for a CEO that publicly pits them against each other, can't get his head straight, and has the worst PR in the kpop world. Yeah, if it really did happen, then T-ara deserves some punishment. But it's like 2PM's Nichkhun's DUI issue; in fact, it's almost identical. At the beginning, there were three sides: delusional fans, logical people (fans and netizens alike), and trolls. The logical people and the trolls were squished together and labeled as "Haters" by the delusional fans, and the delusional fans were labeled, well, "Delusional fans" by the rest. Yes, Nichkhun deserved some type of punishment. But the fiery rage that went on for what seemed like forever? Did he really deserve all that? Yes, a child should be given a five-minute time-out when they steal a toy from another. But to put that child in that corner for the entire day, however many hours that may be, is overkill, is it not? All this shit could have been done and over with within maybe three or so days at worst. But almost a week? Really? And that hating fire is still burning, albeit a bit smaller that when it started? Right now, I'm so sick and tired of all the stuff that's happening to T-ara. I honestly just want them to make a comeback so epic that everyone will 'forgive and forget' what happened. I hate how they can't even show their faces without getting hated on. Is it pity that's brought me back? Or is it that tiny thing in the back of my head that knows that T-ara doesn't deserve any of this drama that's dragging it's feet, mixed with my love for T-ara that has been buried underneath all those rumors and arguments that I so stupidly believed... So, honestly, here's my question I've been asking a lot recently. "Am I 'fake Queen' for doubting T-ara after all this crap, or am I a 'delusional Queen' for believing T-ara is oh-so innocent after all this crap?" So really. What am I? What are you? /pleasehelpthisconfusedlittlefool/ /sorryforallthelongposts/
  4. Lol, nice job KKS. Create a huge mess, add oil to the fire until it turns into a giant bonfire, and then apologize. Without telling anyone a clear explanation of what the hell happened, still giving only one legit reason that's not really legitimate to kick out Hwayoung. Go ahead and try to sweep it under a rug; I, and others. can only dread what the future holds for you and your company. Ah, well. At least he's realized what his lying and hypocritical ways do to his rep and will fix it. Hopefully. I'm just really sad that, out of all the groups this had to be huge for, it was T-ara. They used to be in my top 3 ;A; but now all my friends have turned their backs and it's hard to persuade all of your kpoppin' friends...you'd have to be delusional if you really think none of this will effect T-ara. Hope they get back up on their feet soon and comeback stronger than ever ^-^
  5. I'm so happy she's finally moved on from that crappy company and CEO. It's good that she's taking her time to relax and clear her head. I hope that, when she debuts in a new company, she comes back better than ever in the music industry ^-^ I swear to god, if she left the music industry like Bekah from After School did, I would have xxxxxx that stupid good-for-nothing KKSaskjdgfCEOwejfsdmofo
  6. I agree and disagree with T-Jinyo's way of thinking. Yes, they go way overboard. Yes, there are people who are there just to see T-ara fall. Yes, there are people who are hating T-ara too much. However. They are also made up of concerned citizens who are worried about bullying within an idol group that the younger generation looks up to; can we blame them for wanting the best for their kids and society? Remember that most of them aren't former Queen's and that they are not making biased decisions. They haven't seen the multiple shows that T-ara has been on, they've only seen the news and internet stuffs. If you just look at all the news and uproar (not everything we, as fans, have seen) and take into account KKS' rotten reputation, their reaction is not as uncalled for as we think. I agree that the only way to salvage what's left of T-ara is to have a public meeting of only Hwayoung, T-ara, and either reps of T-Jinyo (that are level-headed, logical, and determined) or unbiased interviewers (although that would be hard to determine). No KKS to tell them what to do or say, no scripts (except for the interviewers/reps so they know what to ask). It all should be filmed and maybe even do a live feed so there's no time to edit or tinker with the footage. Even if KKS tells them what to say, if the reps/interviewers are skilled enough, it won't matter. They'll be able to make them slip up, catch them off guard, ask odd questions, ask in a roundabout way or in straightforward way. People break under pressure, as long as the pressure is constant and doesn't stop. The reps/interviewers just need to be aggressive without loosing their heads. Face it: T-ara's been quiet for way too long. KKS has been doing all the talking, and all his talking has backfired thus far. The truth needs to be out to end all this bullshit, no matter how ugly. If Queen's love T-ara so much, they'll be able to take it and continue supporting T-ara. If not, well...What can you do about it? I would rather fans know and love who they're supporting rather than loving blindly. Who knows, it might make this fandom smarter, make less delusional arguments, and a hell of a lot less divided. [edit] lol, I sound like an anti (_ _ll)
  7. All I read was Lie Lie Lie Lie Hwayoung is doing horrible so I'll blame everything on her I'm blackmailing them all T-ara is unhappy because I'm stupid I'm the worst CEO ever Lie Lie Lie. Honestly. Who even tries to believe KKS anymore?
  8. I feel really bad, but I almost burst out laughing when I saw this. Me scrolling through news... KKS vs Hwayoung Hwayoung wins KKS vs Hwayoung KKS lies KKS vs Hwayoung KKS contradicts himself KKS KKS KKS Hwayoung Hwayoung Hwayoung Dani will not join T-ara early ...da fuq? OH, I almost forgot about you. Sorry.
  9. Noooo TT^TT Hwayoungie, it's so obvious that's a lie. Aurg... Am I the only one who died when she said, "What's wrong? I'm alright. Even if you guys don't worry about me I will be fine" NO YOU WON'T. I can't imagine any human being being 'fine' when shoved into this mess ;A; I hate and loved how she was always smiling at the reporter and being kind and courteous. It proves that she does have manners, professionalism, and a kind heart. But it just hurts so much that I feel she's only smiling for the public. But honestly, what else can she do? If she breaks down and cries, then everyone will be all 'omfg she'z so faakke oh myy gawwd lik no mannnerz at alll.' (my interpretation of trolls and idiots on the web)
  10. The thing I find most irritating is the difference in Korea's culture to the culture of where I live. Where I live, it's engraved into our minds that going against bullying and stepping in to stop it is the first thing we need to do. We're aggressive, nosy people that want to worm our way into bad situations and try to clear things up. That's just the way my culture works. However, people need to understand that Korea is different. Korea is more of a passive, watch-from-the-sidelines kind of culture. That's not to say they are unjust, scared wimps, but it's just part of their culture that the first thing to do for them is to not directly intervene. It's just like how 'bullying' is different from where I live versus in Korea. In the thread "[POLL] Bullying - True or Not?" (link), people say true and people say false. I understand that we all have different viewpoints of what the 'truth' is. However, fans there saying that "Yes, Hwayoung was isolated. But isolation is not bullying" is clearly either delusional or badly misinformed. Korea's more popular form of bullying is not some big kid beating you up and taking your money. It is isolation and making someone becoming an 'outcast' or 'wangdda'(왕따). To understand a bit better, read This and This. You can also just watch the video embedded in the second link for a quick, 5 minute lesson.
  11. They all cried? Awww, how cute~! So touching. Now how many of them were crocodile tears?
  12. Tch. A member finally speaks up and only says a little bit? Hmm. I wonder when KKS will let T-ara out of their cage and let them actually say something :/ Or was that scripted too? Ugh, stupid KKS. Anything from CCM in general makes me doubt it's validity.
  13. "Hwayoung's removal from T-ara is not due to bullying, but because a refusal to appear on a live TV music program on the 27th" So far, KKS has made only one detailed situation about Hwayoung not cooperating. Everything else is too broad and vague to be called a valid 'proof' of her disobedience. Also, the 27th was the day after the tweets. If those tweets were directed toward Hwayoung, then something was obviously going on between the T-ara members. Tell us the whole story instead of just the parts that look right for you. "Because [Hwayoung] joined the group late, people must have thought that [she was experiencing] bullying; but Areum, [too], has joined the group late and she's not having a hard time." And...how do we know that? — There's been stories surfacing that Hwayoung's sweet and courteous as compared to the other members. "A rumor has spread stating that Hwayoung was slapped on the face during a dance practice and it spread before being confirmed. Through a police investigation, we learned the rumor was created by kids. These are just rumors." Okay smarty, stop being stupid. first of all, the police dept said you did not contact you. Second of all, that had absolutely nothing to do with Hwayoung being amazing and nice. You know, repeating lies over and over again doesn't make us believe it. — There was a statement said in the press release saying "Staff members complained about Hwayoung." "Staff members are underpaid and are hurt by everything happening now also. A person who is close to Hwayoung even sent a message out of hate to a T-ara member." They're underpaid; hmm, you keep repeating that. Then why don't you change that? Why get another group up? Also, go into more detail on how they are 'hurt'. Are they hurt because of Hwayoung, because of T-ara, or because of all your stupid mistakes? You say, "A person who is close to Hwayoung even sent a message out of hate to a T-ara member" Mind going into detail to which member the message was addressed to? Because unless it was to Hwayoung, this is pointless and irrelevant information that doesn't help your argument. In fact, it may even go against you; someone close to Hwayoung may also be close to T-ara, thus know more about T-ara than the general public. Just saying "a person close to Hwayoung" doesn't mean it was by a staff member nor was it against Hwayoung. — If there wasn't any bullying going on and Hwayoung's departure was brought upon by herself, do you have any other thoughts or evidence to reveal? "[What happened] started out as something like a joke amongst young people and it's unfortunate that it was blown out of proportion the way that it did. But if people publish information [with no proper proof] whatsoever, that just causes more trouble to stir. T-ara will continue [to attend to] their schedules as planned." sigh. This guy...really needs some help with PR. Anything that comes out his his goddamn trap does nothing but add oil to the fire. Just shut up please? Or grow a brain and use T-ara to your advantage. Make them say whatever you say and, suddenly, delusional Queen's will believe every lie and contradiction and fairytale you've said thus far. At this point, I really don't care. Let Hwayoung and Hyoyoung free, let T-ara have some fresh air, and get this drama over with.
  14. First issue I feel I need to address: "i not talk about bullying.......because there no relevant evidence than shown t-ara bullying hwayoung..." That is true. There is no concrete evidence. Yet. However, the way KKS handled the situation makes it really easy to believe that something was happening, although it may not have been 'bullying' per se. Here is something directly from my profile (aka my personal ranting place): "[in the official press release announcing Hwayoung's leave] CCM basically says that T-ara's 'bullying' is false and refers to back when T-ara debuted, saying, "Early after their debut, T-ara went through many reports of several members being bullied (such as Eunjung, Soyeon, or Boram) but that was simply childish jealousy which did not pass two days, and they soon grew closer together." Yes, but three years have passed and 'childish jealousy' can still remain. It can also grow larger as years go by and certain jealousy and anger can ignite that. And this was way back during 6-ara, before Hwayoung entered. There is also a part that says, "Again, I stress that there was no bullying taking place between the T-ara members and Hwayoung and all such reports are without truth." Okay. So then why did CCM say all their Twitter accounts were hacked, and then say that 'The difference in 'determination' that the T-ara members have talked about did not mean whether or not the members could stand on stage.' So you admit that their accounts were in fact not hacked and that you admit you lied?" In summery; KKS confirms that the Tweets had a trace of malice in them when he says "T-ara would never say that, their accounts were hacked", then turns around and says "Yes they did say that, but we misunderstood them". Here, browse through this thread too. You have the people on your side of the argument, I have others on mine. My opinion is here. Also, what is your definition of "relevant evidence"? "when a group get bad rumour..member should calm down and didnt realese anything that can make group bad". After all of KKS's lies and stories and contradictions, she has said one thing defending herself. Can I not stress that enough? KKS has tried and failed to make her look bad multiple times, each with an overly long fairy tale. He lied about the police having tracked the IP address, so the back-up dancer may or may not hold truth. He said she has been rude to staff, but a Japanese staff that worked for them said this. Many artists are also siding with Hwayoung. Many say that those artists don't know anything. May I remind you they are people that work with T-ara, therefor know more about them and their off-screen personality than us? Honestly. The one who's making T-ara look bad isn't Hwayoung but Kim Kwangsoo himself. But hey. Maybe they deserve to look a little bad. T-ara isn't perfect. Kpop isn't perfect. They can't be innocent and right all the time. "she has problem with member and staff...if she has manner she will talk and discuss with member and staff...not post it on SNS this situation be harm coz her tweet and her twin's tweet..." Discuss with Members and Staff? By staff, do you mean KKS? Because I don't think talking to him will get anything through his thick skull. When you open your mouth, all he thinks is "Money, Money, Money." Oh. And Pride. And Fame. And that you're lazy even though you work your ass off. And talking to other staff probably won't do anything but get you a little sympathy. After all, a team is only as good as it's leader. A company is only as good as it's CEO. As for members. Think about what the thoughts of your oh-so-precious 6-ara were when Hwayoung joined. They were probably just as upset over it than you, if not more. I can imagine what kind of treatment Hwayoung got back then from them, and maybe still during present time. Oh, but don't get so defensive; I don't blame your amazing 6-ara. They are human. They have anger. They have their own judgment and their own ways with dealing with things or people they don't want. I can understand that. "when other member stop comment about rumour,,she still make comment and act like victim........" I'm sure T-ara are dying to have their say in this matter. Their image is quickly being crushed and engulfed in flames (literally. ) and I'm not sure if them being silent is helping the issue or not. I'm pretty sure they're under orders of KKM to keep silent though. I'm also pretty sure that one comment from T-ara will do a hell of a lot more help that any more of KKS' bullshit."and see now so many ppl hurt because her action.......and ofcourse her carer gonna die... i dont think she will succes easily....she still need t-ara" I personally don't think her career is going to die. She has talent in rapping and the public is on her side. If she plays her cards right, she'll be fine. However, if she does go back to T-ara...well...What's the point? The public will see all this as a publicity stunt. Even if she goes back to T-ara, that won't right the wrongs. It won't undo the damage. If Hwayoung comes back, do you really think the concert will sell out again? That the fans will come clammering back? That the advertisement companies will take them back to endorse thier products? Will their fansite cancel the shut down? Will those 200k+ members of T-Jinyo just disappear? Because if you think that, you're a fool. The only reason Hwayoung would come back to CCM is when KKS decides to use Hyoyoung against her. That is the thing I fear the most. "...ppl just sympatic now but after that ppl will forget her.." Yes, they may forget her. But they won't forget what has happened to T-ara. This is the biggest and worst controversy any girl group has ever gone through. Everyone knows about SNSD's Black Ocean. Everyone knows about TVXQ's drama. And everyone knows T-ara's falling. And no, actually. Most of the people aren't even sympathetic for Hwayoung. It's all the controversy of bullying within an idol group. They wouldn't care less if it was another member. It could have been Qri and the impact would have been just as huge. It's the reason she left that's causing the commotion. You are saying that she was kicked out of T-ara "coz she no has manner as a idol and public figure". Be a dear, and please explain that to me. Because I swear, I don't even think you read my reply.
  15. My apologies, but I can't help but argue against all this... "hwayoung should stop making comments.......oh god hwayoung not innocent at all..." Hwayoung has literally made three tweets. Three. The first was 'Sometimes, even determination alone is not enough. At times like these, I feel upset but I trust that it’s a blessing in disguise from the heavens. God, you know everything right?'. People claim that Hwayoung's tweet was the start of controversy. However, if the member that posted the first one never posted it, the rest of T-ara (minus Qri, bless her soul) would not have followed suit. If you just read her post alone, it would seem like she was only speaking about her injury. However, coupled with the other's tweets, conclusions can be made. The second was 'The support of my family and my fans is worth so much to me. Please watch over me.' That was most likely said as a goodbye to her fans and thanks for the support in the past 20 months. It only sparked rumors about Hwayoung leaving, which, ultimately, she did. There was no malice whatsoever in these words and not even netizens made accusations at this stage. The third was '…facts without any truth'. I actually would have been disappointed if Hwayoung said absolutely nothing after KKS practically calls her lazy, selfish, ill-mannered, and a bad character. And you know what? Almost 72 hours later KKS has lied and contradicted himself countless times. Is what she said a lie? No. Because KKS has been claiming 'facts without truth'. Have you heard the Police Dept.'s news yet? And so I ask, "Why saying those things made you think she's arrogent and selfish?" I agree that she is not 100% innocent. She could have just stayed silent and taken everything. She could have taken all this crap and not said a single word. But you know what? She's human too. I know it's hard to believe because everyone in the kpop industry are fucking gods and goddesses and angels and perfect little idols, but she's human. She deserved to say something, even if it was only 8 characters long. "because her tweet so many ppl hurt.......other member and their family, staff and fans are victim too" Yeah, I know. Hwayoung probably got in loads of trouble, Hyoyoung has made it obvious that she is saddened and wants to support her sister ("My better half is suffering. My heart hurts. No matter what anyone else says, (Hwayoung), you can get through this") As for staff? Well, at least those '19 staffs' are happy. Because according to KKS, kicking Hwayoung out and making false claims and T-ara's dropping fame are all worth those 19 staff members. Right? Do they even exist? Or was it just another lie KKS pulled from his hat? Fans? The other members? Well, I don't worry for them as much. After all, they have determination don't they? "I hope she realizes her fault and and she can join t-ara again.......she still need t-ara...." I can't tell. Is this a joke or are you actually being serious? Do you need me to refer you to some threads? Maybe some posts even? Here's a thread I started, please read through the comments and find your sanity again. To join T-ara, she first needs to "apologize and clean up her act". Wtf. KKS is the one that needs to apologize. He should get a personality transplant while he's at it; his current one isn't really helping him in life. And just so you know, Hwayoung doesn't need T-ara, especially when T-ara is in this situation. Hwayoung doesn't need to be in a falling group that is only plummeting to the ground because of an idiot CEO. Oh hey look. I went to your profile to see what type of fan you were and checked your more recent posts. And then I realized that I'm wasting my breath. I swear, you are probably one of the only T-ara fans that actually thinks that KKS is a good CEO that will pull through in the end. You being a 6-ara stan doesn't help either. "i hate KKS so much because of he aded hwayoung,...if he not added hwayoung my 6-ara and fans will not hurt like that.. but yeah now only KKS who can save t-ara....only KKS who only can protect t-ara and make t-ara back as usuall.." O.O have fun watching Kim Kwangsoo, 'the only one who can save and protect T-ara' (oh the irony), try and fail to help T-ara with lies and fairytales. Good day to you madam.
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