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  1. i dont think eunjung gonna cry.. it just that i see soyeon is matured enough n eunjung seems to have a strong image.it's not hyomin is not matured or not strong.. but hyomin seems very kind hearted. she even cry when sunny ask shinyoung to take care of her.. i really2 wanna give a punch to their face <-- the one who make hyomin cry,, grrr
  2. seriously,,what the hell is all this..poor t-ara.. b4 this peoples keep blame kks n want t-ara to say something.. but see what happen when soyeon say about this.. they bash soyeon. what the hell.. i'm sure hyomin say nothing bcause she knew hater gonna hate.. be strong hyomin
  3. one thing,, hater say that hwayoung was forced to write a tweet while in this it's says that she apologized after tweet. and in soompii think,, cant really remember, but they say that she apologized after she tweet the apologized.. right know im at no one side.. but somehow i think people being unfair. they ask about hwa tweet: fact without truth.. how about hyomin's tweet: please judge from diferent perspective. something like that la~~
  4. right now nobody believe in ccm and tara anymore.. hurm.. i strongly want that boy to be sue. huh.. even if kks is true,, nobody would believe him. they would say that he just say that to stop the rumor. sighhh.. i love hyomin damn much but i do want to know the truth.. i'm sick of this~~
  5. if it is true, he should ask him to post again and explain to everybody.. seriously this is confusing ==''
  6. this pd seriously unprofessional.. we dont even know the truth.. hurm.. how could he,, arghhh,, annoy
  7. today's controversy seriously ==''. it is not that i dislike hwayoung. but i hate when people critic hyomin about her rap in day by day when she forgot the lyrics. i'm sure even hwayoung tried a few times before she's that good.. i'm seriously angry... hurm.. but i like hwayoung too.. she's my no.2.. hehe
  8. gumiho girl!! love you hyomin.. alot of korean drama in my lappy but still there is always a lot of space to download whatever related tu you park sunyoung :DD
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