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  1. @riyeltee Unnie nanunuod kang 1N2D?

  2. AYO GG https://t.co/siU9dQYYO4

  3. RT @optiprimeeee: Vote SNSD in Best Female Dance Performance and Best Song of the Year https://t.co/HFEpF3M5iz

  4. RT @suitaes: Why You Shouldnt Worry (Too Much) About SNSD: https://t.co/GrUK4QX1hs

  5. @MTVChartsAwards @GirlsGeneration @JYPETWICE @Apink_2011 Ayo GG!!

  6. Pakiayos po yung serbisyo niyo @meralco

  7. Jiyeon did a photoshoot for Instyle too?:o

  8. She looks like a doll.) Is that Jiyeon behind her?)
  9. Watching pay it forward.

  10. It must be really hard for Soyeon when she was young. Eunjung really is very motherly.)
  11. Happy New Year to everyone in diadem. Hope all your wishes in 2013 will come true. As for me, I wish T-ara to have a much better year this year.
  12. They had the biggest controversy yet they still are doing great. They are indeed the BEST!)
  13. This isn't a coincidence anymore. There really is something going on already.:|

  14. WOAH! Bo peep only had total sales of 20,068 for 1st week while predicted sales of sexy love after 3 days is 30,000.

  15. Really pumps up my game.:)))

  16. Downloading Sexy love making and Nico nico. Haven't watched it yet.

  17. Boram's "Annyonghasseyo" So happy.:)))

  18. I have a strong feeling that this bag will suit Eunjung soooo much. http://t.co/2BWSKAfb

  19. In Mr Pizza event. Eunjung was the one who sang Sso leaders parts right. She was the one focused and I hear her voice.:)

  20. Vote for T-ara in Mnet. You can only vote once a day.:) Let us show our support.:)http://t.co/PAHBufVD

  21. Where do people get the BTS pics of sexy love dance ver? I want to see. Is there a video?

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