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  1. awesome they are doing so much for the animals. this will certainly raise awareness towards such issues. no matter how small the contributions are it is still the deed that matters.
  2. CCM prepare a specialized channel on YouTube.. that's great for T-ara fans to know about their activities during this trip
  3. It's nice that the girls are getting such a great opportunity. I truly hope for the best. Like many others, I'm also rooting for the girls to leave CCM but we just got to be patient.
  4. way to go, t-ara is really popular ;p i i order one, they will be sold out?
  5. Yay, more good deeds from our babies Glad they are really implied for helping others T-ara fighting!!~~
  6. why a 14 year old.... world's pretty harsh and you're going to put a teenager who just went through puberty in one of the top girl groups.... :\ I hope she stays strong
  7. Wow, scientfic fiction I'm really excited with this MV, also their new image Yeah~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  8. It's too much work if they do all these Korean comebacks on top of Japan comeback. I thought they wouldn't go back to Japan until early next year since.
  9. THIS LOOKS SO AWESOME!!! the concept is like, t-ara meets final fantasy in some techno future (Y)(Y) I hope they do another superb mv like during crycry... I'm expecting some really good futuramo
  10. Finally, the girls are taking a break,but poor jiyeon she still have to work for DH2 . Use your time well,girls!
  11. seriously??? kks..you just wanted to troll queens aren't you? to see if fans still love them.. i cant except this..at all..
  12. This is call the humanity nature...then alert that some people needed to be help..and our angels came to give humanity support.....good deed from our t-iara new hope for human race
  13. so they didnt give hwayoung and qri more lines but give the new members more lines so what do hwayoung and qri or boram do? stand and sing along?
  14. poor Eunjung, feel so sad for her . That's a lot of money, but lucky that she is ok and important stuff didnt get rob. Hope she will feel better, its not her fault. The police should go find and arrest this guy. Eunjung hwaiting!!!
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