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  1. the controversy should've died down by now but with all the shows that makes announcements that they will remove t-ara from their airing makes everything rise up again. it's like they purposely make the issue come up repeatedly instead of letting go of it.
  2. i hope she will be okay and no one is crazy enough to do something bad at the presscon. everyone there should really make their security high so everything will go smoothly
  3. netizens' reactions are what made this thing go waaaaay out of hand and not to mention those crappy websites
  4. everyone's stressed out about the current issue. i'm sure there are other times when they can announce this. is KKS stalling so he can have some time to think about his next move ?
  5. Won't give up on T-ara and Hwayoung

  6. if Soyeon or any of the girls say something about all that is happening i don't think i will hesitate on believing them but then again, they are still with CCM and KKS can punish or do something to them if they go up against him. looks like KKS is willing to do anything just to get his way
  7. without any solid proofs, no one would believe KKS. i'm not sure but this may AGAIN be a lie and they said this just to stop it from getting out of hand
  8. that site is like teasing them. shutting down at the same time as their comeback and all.
  9. does he not realize what is happening ? why did he have to lie ? it only makes things worse. that CEO is really something. although it would be great if t-ara would leave that dumb company, but i think it will be very hard for them to find another company that will accept them with all this fuss
  10. i'm scared for their performance tomorrow. it's like there are only two possible things to happen, either the fans will go silent or the people there would throw some stuffs. hope some TRUE Queen's will support them. Stupid KKS for making the stupid decision yesterday and now the girls are suffering.
  11. he definitely did not think his actions through. KKS is so dumb only realizing his mistake after fans' reactions. why is he even a CEO anyway. it doesn't look like his fit to be one.
  12. he should've released this statement along with the one stating that her contract is terminated so it wouldn't look like he's just making this up to threaten Hwayoung which may be true but then again, no one knows the truth except their company and the members themselves
  13. Ryu is and forever will be my favorite rapper

  14. this is just plain ridiculous. how can KKS think of such an idea to resolve the issue. it's so immature of him to end up with this decision. Hwayoung already went through a lot by joining late and earning hate from fans who loved 6-ara. she didn't give up and got through it. now, her contract is terminated which means she'll be suffering again and not to mention gain some anti-fans. fans are just starting to accept the idea of t-ara being 9-ara and this new issue surfaces. didn't he know that he's just destroying them ? he is such a jerk acting like that. he just gave anti-fans a reason to celebrate. ugh. hope the other members will be fine and netizens would stop blowing small things up.
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