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  1. KKS lost his credibility a long time ago. His stories do not add up. You can tell he his manipulating the truth, it's obvious. Maybe there is some truth to it, but not in it's entirety. He says things to save face. I'm just tired of having to hear what KKS says. It's not T-ara that I hate, I just feel extremely cheated. The lies and stories are all messed up.
  2. KKS keeps making statements, but each one contradicts another. This is why it is so hard to believe him. Good job KKS, you led to your own demise as well as T-ara's. He could have avoided this situation, or at least prevented it from becoming THIS huge. For a CEO he isn't that smart. Watch him contact police now after this announcement. Lol. This is all just really sad...
  3. Sorry to say, but most if not all of AKP's articles come from Korean (news) sites. These are rumors and heck, I want to know what is going on, truth or not. Everything that has been released so far has not been proven. Not even KKS's statements. Whether you choose to believe it or not is all up to you. There is always one side that will be more believable, that is the side people are taking. Until the truth, the real, credible truth with actual proof comes out, people will keep believing what they want to believe.
  4. Lmfao. He basically tried to ruin her image and place all the blame on her. If I was Hwayoung I would not return to such a horrible company. Screw that, after what's happened do you expect everything to be ok cause you asked her to come back? Obviously trying to save the situation because of all the back lash. Too bad cause all the damage has been done already. If she wasn't already, she'll be the outcast and not only of the group, but also the company and things would get even worse. Sorry but KKS is an idiot. I hope Hwayoung does not come back.
  5. This is crazy. Well they are staff, maybe they know a bit more about the situation... Idk but at this rate T-ara and CCM is going down very quickly.
  6. Lol people are probably going to go buy vitamin water after they see this. They look so pretty though! Jiyeon's hair! It's black and straight so nice. & their white outfits are really nice too. Lol tiniest Boram is at the corner.
  7. I think they have to get along. If they don't then there would be problems. I'm sure they feel something towards the new members, but they just have to deal with it. Hwayoung is considered a part of T-ara now anyway. I'm just glad the girls are so popular now. They've really proven themselves. & Soyeon looks so pretty in those pictures.
  8. Wow they look so pretty! But Hyomin looks tired, her eyebags... I like how their hair kind of matches their shirts lol
  9. I hope the stage is huge. Sounds amazing but dont want it to look crowded and over done! Still looking forward to it though, I love Day by Day anyway so it'll be great. Wait Jiyeon is injured? Omgg such bad luck :/ feel better! I want to see Jiyeon on stage.
  10. Hyomin is such a cutie! I don't know how I feel about Eunjung's hair, but that last picture she looks so pretty. I kind of want to see her in long hair now xD
  11. Gorgeous girls! I love this concept. So far their outfits have been really amazing. Jiyeon looks badass. Her hair and attitude, she pulls it off so well!
  12. Oh my gosh. They look so pretty! Love the pictures, like where it's set and how it looks. Very cute.
  13. The MV is fantastic. I love the look of it and how it's set in like a post apocalyptic world. The relationship between Hyomin and Dani was cute and Jiyeon looked amazing. The music complimented the MV very well too. Seriously excited for the rest. It would be so awesome if this could be made into a drama or full movie lol. The song is awesome, I've been replaying it a lot!
  14. Yes! Jiyeon, my maknae. I love her on variety shows. She's so cute. Can't wait to watch
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