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  1. Dani is really tall for a fourteen year old! @.@ She might outgrow her unnies o.o
  2. So depressing. Hwayoung was my 3rd bias after jiyeon and hyomin. seriously? ...
  3. Is he pushing the fault to hwayoung? I just cannot believe what he's doing when she's clearly the victim of this incident.
  4. Her quote summarises it all. I hope she can slowly show us herself. Please give her a chance, she really is talented. Areum, keep doing well and you will succeed:)
  5. Poor eunjung... She has like almost 2 schedules a day ,and recording is takes up a long time... I hope shes doing well...
  6. congrats to the girls of T-ARA ^^ 100000 copies for a debut album is an acheivement T-ARA FIGHTING!
  7. oh pretty jiyeon eunjung and hyomin!! . It's sad how ji and hyo dyed their hair back.... they looked nice lol esp hyomin
  8. Her rapping really improved since her debut ^^; I feel that she really has matured a lot. She will definitely treat areum and dani well ^^
  9. Ahh all of them are so pretty! can't wait to watch this show
  10. can't wait for the dance version! I wanna see their routine T-ara always has nice dances that are appealing to the public , and suits the song! Anticipating the release of the dance ver.
  11. Soyeon fighting! Its nice to see hyomin eunjung and jiyeon giving her tips and advices ^^
  12. So their ''holiday'' or '' vacation'' was just a lie . T.T The t-ara members had to go for photoshoots there, i heard... I seriously hope they will not fall ill during the Day by Day promotions, where they are seriously going to be rigourously practicing everyday to give the best during performances... T-ara fighting!
  13. She's only fourteen, and she has to turn up for so many schedules... She is really going to be tired out like the rest of t-ara They need more rest~
  14. EXCITED! T-ara is going to own the stage once again, with this performance and the next comeback single DAY BY DAY. TARA JJANG!
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