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  1. Dani is really tall for a fourteen year old! @.@ She might outgrow her unnies o.o
  2. So depressing. Hwayoung was my 3rd bias after jiyeon and hyomin. seriously? ...
  3. Is he pushing the fault to hwayoung? I just cannot believe what he's doing when she's clearly the victim of this incident.
  4. Her quote summarises it all. I hope she can slowly show us herself. Please give her a chance, she really is talented. Areum, keep doing well and you will succeed:)
  5. Poor eunjung... She has like almost 2 schedules a day ,and recording is takes up a long time... I hope shes doing well...
  6. congrats to the girls of T-ARA ^^ 100000 copies for a debut album is an acheivement T-ARA FIGHTING!
  7. oh pretty jiyeon eunjung and hyomin!! . It's sad how ji and hyo dyed their hair back.... they looked nice lol esp hyomin
  8. Her rapping really improved since her debut ^^; I feel that she really has matured a lot. She will definitely treat areum and dani well ^^
  9. Ahh all of them are so pretty! can't wait to watch this show
  10. can't wait for the dance version! I wanna see their routine T-ara always has nice dances that are appealing to the public , and suits the song! Anticipating the release of the dance ver.
  11. Soyeon fighting! Its nice to see hyomin eunjung and jiyeon giving her tips and advices ^^
  12. So their ''holiday'' or '' vacation'' was just a lie . T.T The t-ara members had to go for photoshoots there, i heard... I seriously hope they will not fall ill during the Day by Day promotions, where they are seriously going to be rigourously practicing everyday to give the best during performances... T-ara fighting!
  13. She's only fourteen, and she has to turn up for so many schedules... She is really going to be tired out like the rest of t-ara They need more rest~
  14. EXCITED! T-ara is going to own the stage once again, with this performance and the next comeback single DAY BY DAY. TARA JJANG!
  15. It really sucks how the members are being overworked to the extreme. First, soyeon being forced to sing despite being hurt. Next, eunjung forced to perform for a stage with the aid of painkillers / Now? Poor boram fell sick T.T Hope the t-ara members can take care of their health well and sleep more ㅠ.ㅠ
  16. Oh areum looks so pretty Honestly KKS is overworking T-ara because they are the only artists that bring in revenue of CCM. They seriously need a break
  17. Can't wait. LOVING T-ara's new hair styles, esp qri's and hwayoung's . Hyomin looked gorgeous in the teaser photos, as she pulled off the tight clothing perfectly. DAY BY DAY !!!
  18. She's pretty. She's said to be a vocalist right? Somehow dani looks like f(x)'s krystal. LOL
  19. Practicing a little while more won't hurt ^^; Anticipating the comebacks for Day by day , Mirage, and T-ara's Effect though
  20. I dislike the new timetable -.-

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