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  1. And I hated her in the DRAMA .. but she's a good person in real SEE ... you can't judge someone base on the character they play on the DRAMA ... GEEZ ... why can't some people get this?
  2. SO UNPROFESSIONAL ... I hope someone will sue those greedy people ... this is outrageously STUPID
  3. EunJung is now out of this DRAMA ... I can't believe this ... how could people do this? NO LAW against this? If they are against bullying ... isn't this bullying?
  4. I can't imagine how EunJung felt ... but this certainly weakened me ... I am super sad
  5. I hope to see a happy smile on her face again ... the press con was soo heartbreaking to watch because her face was soo sad ... I hope she'll be back as bubbly eunjung ... miss the T-ARA soo much
  6. This is heartbreaking ... they were okay when she was filming Queen Inso and doing other things, same as JangWoo filming I Do I Do .... why they would say now their schedule won't fit when EunJung only has that Five Fingers ... I AM DISAPPOINTED
  7. We are here ... and we will do our best to support them ... even if those majority of Koreans won't ... We will have to double our efforts to fill this ... to make T-ARA feel they have us
  8. I wonder if they will apologize if their BULLY accusations will be marked FALSE
  9. It seems that EunJung has suffered the most in this situation :'(
  10. EunJung FANS should voice out louder than the ANTI ... coz if our voice wouldn't be heard ... then surely they will out EunJung ... SHOUT PRO EUNJUNG!
  11. Just plain sad ... Honestly i dont think there is something wrong with eunjung tweet ... She was just simply stating her idea bout a specific topic ... What is wrong with that? She never mentioned anyone ... How could it be bullying? What a world we live in ... Some people are just shallow
  12. Why CCM? You could have put more brains into yhis issue or the zombies already ate it ... It shouldn't be like this .... This could have been solved in a decent manner ... Not ruining someone in public! Saying they protect hwayoung uet they blab about her being bitchy ... What a full of crap!
  13. Some people are just selfish ... They think they know all when they know nothing ... They spoke even the issue is unclear yet ... To petition for eunjung to be out on her acting c.areer is plainly stupid ... Who are they to do that?
  14. Its hard to be in an entertainment industry ... Sometimes entertainers lose themselves in the process ... In this case my opinion is that the copany protected the majority of its talents ... HWAYOUNG is a good person ... I could see it sinxe the t-ara hello baby days that she was he one who patiently takes care of the youngest ... While others are just busy playing ... If its true that she mistreating the crew ... Why did the issue cake out just now? There is nothing wrong with tweets of other t-ara's because simply they just express their thoughts about the issue ... And hwayoung indeed lack dedication ... As eunjung and jiyeon has shown full of it while draggjng their feet as they perform with injury ... With dedication ... Yes ... But this is not healthy ... Maybe hwayoung wants to live longer by taking the safety road .... This could have ended better .... They need not oust hwayoung ... They could have just given her a warning personally ... This made her really look bad ... Im so sad for hwayoung
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