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  1. #HappySOYEONday @sohotmelody happy birthday PARK SOYEON, VIETNAM QUEEN'S
  2. #HappySOYEONday @sohotmelody happy birthday PARK SOYEON, VIETNAM QUEEN'S

  3. icanfly

    Day By Day (soyeon)

    she is beautiful
  4. omg, so cute, i love soyeon ^^~
  5. wow..this is really great.. t-ara is the best..they deserve more.. congratulation..we will always support t-ara..i love t-ara.. good cm
  6. really looking forward to this day, this will become a hit mv
  7. it is amazing teaser, can not wait until 2/7, looking forward to full MV
  8. Hyomin congratulate you, I hope you will be acting in the movie good love you
  9. I just see the teaser, a mv surprise, I guess it will be a hit when released
  10. although sometimes with his T-ara member 7 is enough, but can the new members will help the T-ara becoming more complete, final forward two new members will join together to integrate good and T-ara develop increasingly complete
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