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  1. Cool,tiara still got love from everybody especially from their fans.goood
  2. woah very humble.really really humble.good to hear the news.all the best tiara !
  3. uuuuu that interesting.and really the whole world know tiara?that awesome.
  4. haaa?is this all because of the stupid never end rumours and slender? for the first time casting in drama,and this happen is very sad.poor soyeon.T_T
  5. Uuuuu that awesome.but hwayoung pic must being edited out right.that sad.but still,I want to buy this one.hihi
  6. Woah that's very big humiliation.eventhough they do that,the queens still thanks.great job anyway
  7. ilove the old style qri.anyway we all pray the best for our TIARA
  8. looking forward for this album.soyeon always being the cutie.hehe
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