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  1. [11.07.06] J-ROCK: "The reason we chose T-ara"


    T-ara and Japanese company J-ROCK signed an exclusive contract of $350 million yen (about 47116 million Won) to enter Japan.

    Since their debut in South Korea's with "Lies", then followed up with "TTL", "BPBP", "I Go Crazy Because of You" and other popular songs, T-ara have became one of the popular girl groups in Korea, but still without any formal promotions in Japan. With this in mind, the 350 million yen contract is quite exceptional. J-ROCK's Takahiro Kokuho met with reporters and media in Tokyo, Japan Shibuya AX hall after T-ara's debut showcase in Japan and revealed the reason behind "Why we only choose T-ara."

    Here is the question and answer segment with Representative Kokuho.

    - Why T-ara out of so many girl groups in Korea?

    ▶ The idea arises from the beginning when "SNSD and Kara came to Japan, why isnt T-ara here?" After evaluation, we arrived at the fact that T-ara have very high potential that is untabbed for. So in the meantime we thought, "We will not see T-ara here?" We did not even think for 5 minutes before we arrived at a decision.

    - It was announced that T-ara's contract is 350 million yen. The reason behind this exceptional figure?

    ▶ I think the amount is not important. The important thing is that now we should work together to make T-ara the best girl group. So we take this as an investment.

    - What do you think of the developmental potential of T-ara?

    ▶ Be it from those that are from the same industry as us here or just the public, they are full of praise for T-ara as, "they can be the cute girls normally, but they can become sexy and charismatic (cool) as well." It's hard to find a girl group where all 7 girls are pretty, yet cute and also have the ability to produce their best despite their tiring schedule. All these are something that can't be found in the groups in Japan. That's why I think T-ara can be the top girl group.

    -Were there any other Korean singers that you all were interested in?

    ▶As part of our learning process, we studied other artistes' performances. But we want T-ara to stay in Japan for a long time, and we are working to be a management that can help them achieve this.

    - The future plans of T-ara in Japan?

    ▶ Now it will be the release of "Bo Peep Bo Peep" album in September. But due to the high number of CFs and drama invitation, we decided that they will work not only as singers,but actresses and MCs as well.


    Source: http://sports.chosun...ceDate=20110706

    Translated by: xxxiang @ tiaradiadem

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