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  1. Yes, she need time to relax and calm down... Whatever you do (as long as it's positive) I'll support you Hwa!!!
  2. *sigh~~~ KKS should held press conference, maybe? With the t-ara+hwa...
  3. Really?? well, that's just my opinion... the situation is not the same anymore... I hope the best for Her and T-ara...
  4. "For the time being, T-ara will continue their promotional activities without Hwayoung. The T-ara members, just like Hwayoung are all victims in this situation" Hwa don't re-join please!!! signed with another company!!! and "Are all victims" Yes your victims!!!
  5. LOL NOOO!!! I mean I give him that thing in Sulli hands... So he can realize how the situation goin on rite now...!!!
  6. Is this true?? OMG ---Hwayoung said, "What's wrong? I'm alright. Even if you guys don't worry about me I will be fine,"--- Don't say that Hwa, We love you!!! KKS I give you this Electric Shock for U!!!
  7. Maybe he wanna make a based on true story movie title 'there's a reason behind everything' starring T-ara+Hwayoung+himself, the movie become a boom, then the movie got into box office, then he received Oscar, then he living in luxurious and happily ever after... Just resign will ya!!!
  8. "I wasn't the only one who witnessed this because other artists and representatives saw this moment too" Why don't Y'all stand for her!!! I want KKS to resign!!!
  9. "I was surprised that Hwayoung came to the company last night.." Of course after you make a threat, you think she'll take a rest at home... KKS please just let the member and Hwa speak for themselves (well, maybe now they're still in traumatic state) We're tired of your words cuz of all lies you made before... And I'm glad if the members already forgive to each others ... but I still hoping they're moving to another company though
  10. Absolutely Agree... Poor her, After all that sh*t ol' gazer doin to her she still... omg cries T__T *damn I run out of popcorn She sure have a big heart
  11. OMG All I can hear is bla...bla...bla... On the other story he said that Hwayoung wanted to perform but the other members and staff prevent her to going on stage cuz they're worried about her... And now "but because a refusal to appear on a live TV music program on the 27th" **I'm Going Crazy** I think you must hire a spokesperson for your Company really!!! All of this getting more confusing--- LOL..LOL..
  12. hwayoung update her twitter, someone please translate omg hwayoung!!! and I read that eunjung left a message on her fancafe "thank you and I'm sorry"
  13. What is this? I dunno but I already lost my trust in KKS~CCM... Please shut your f*cking mouth and let the members+hwayoung speak up!!! maybe if KKS not giving a threat call (plus her sister still in that sh*tty place) to hwayoung... maybe she already wrote many things on twitter... pity for her and t-ara...
  14. Gosh... seriusly I can't stop to refresh my browser cuz it's like every minute, there'll be a news about them... S*ck you kks, You see now that hwayoung give a big impact to the group!!!
  15. See...! KKS and CCM is the worst!!! go to jail you dumb, for making fake report!!!
  16. --Core Contents Media made an announcement to terminate Hwayoung's contract with T-ara because she acted like a "top star" and had behavior problems on the 30th and since then there has been backlash after backlash-- Stop blaming Hwayoung!!! The one at fault is you fu*k KKS and your su*k company!!!
  17. No! don't comeback Hwayoung to ccm the company already ruin your image!!! Oh I'm sick of this ol' man, is he have some mental issue??
  18. @cyclone.... I'm here coz of T-ara but... I'm no longer a t-ara fans (yes I'm just an ordinary fans not a queen) People have their opinions and yes I respect your opinion
  19. So, for example if your fav group doing something wrong to your sister/brother you keep support that group? Geez... Of course right now the fans dissapointed, confused and angry to T-ARA because of this mess, the clarification made by KKS not help at all, and make the mess getting worse... And we all don't know what 'ActuallY' happened...
  20. Gosh it's the beggining for 'the fall of the queen'... Seriously girls, you must leave your Sh*tty Company CCM right now!!!
  21. I watch some T-ara variety and she's always standing/sit quiet on the side, I rarely/never see her standing in the center, and always get ignored... when I see Idols Olympic Championship, she's like out of her 'cage', she laughed widely with Luna and others fellow artist... Hwayoung I support you!!!
  22. WOW Another xxxx by KKS... Protect her image my as*!!! so why're you threatening her to keep silent? Everytime you try to cleared things up, the mess is getting bigger and bigger... Your company will end soon!!! I think SM better than yours, eventhough they have slave contract but they managed and treat their artist muuccchhhh better than your shi* ruining your own artist by adding member then kicked out member, formed co-ed school then separate them into 5dolls and speed etc,etc, gosh there're never ending story if it's continue....
  23. Oh my,, on recent articles KKS told (more like THREATENING) Hwayoung to keep silent...There must be something wrong!!! Hwayoung speak up!!! We always support you!!! Ahreum and Dani better get out rite now or KKS ended up ruining your image in the future!!!
  24. T-ARA wants to get recognized by the world, and they got that... They're become trending topic rite now, congrats...
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