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  1. Can this be Singapore climate from now on?

  2. RT @studioPARN: 180104 ICN #TWICE #TZUYU #트와이스 #쯔위 ? https://t.co/ztBTMQmrdw

  3. RT @CapricornSANA: 171225 SBS 가요대전 매일 리즈갱신하는분 #사나 #SANA #サナ #TWICE #트와이스 https://t.co/sUMQJ6tlhq

  4. RT @BAEKSSUEL: 171217 #태연 #TAEYEON https://t.co/iLHCCdbNx7

  5. My week on Twitter ?: 1 Mention, 1 Reply, 7 Tweets. See yours with https://t.co/cl9p9GMvAR https://t.co/2JoqeW0cIR

  6. Lily Allen | Smile (Official Video) https://t.co/WiSDpYFiYo Playing PS4 when the spotify random to this old song. F… https://t.co/uZO21JHbiN

  7. Went toilet and saw 2 strands of my hair were like this ?... So I have been walking around looking a Pokemon.

  8. Yishun to outsiders is... https://t.co/p6cW7PYUQO

  9. Been dreaming everyday consecutively for the past week but I usually only dream once every few month. Not sure why and is affecting my sleep

  10. LIKEY dance break should be illegal.

  11. Jeremy Lin already on Reddit r/DotA 2. Forgot this guy owns a esports team. https://t.co/xYjq6SewjE

  12. I am lacking of sleep to sprout those nonsense. Haha. I really miss playing ball in that setting. Now can't even play for fun cuz of injury.

  13. No idea why Japan release are always at weird timing but I'm ok with it since I'm still awake https://t.co/Ca0t46nO9g

  14. @syswylson I started during holiday 1 ah. So fking long. Lol. Finish then stop le lor

  15. Hahaha wtf. The dog interrupted an Argentine league game. They even interview it at the end. LOL https://t.co/R1Cg393VYn

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