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  1. RT @kalenminaj: Queen Elizabeth II driving her Range Rover in a hoodie. (2012) https://t.co/QKlqAscw0d

  2. RT @jungcula: “Hi W Korea readers we are Krystal & Jessica. We photographed the cover of May issue together. It’s been a long time since we…

  3. RT @RaminNasibov: Top breeder with nothing but a pasta machine https://t.co/74b5D1N7dY

  4. RT @852WANG: Since Jackson talked about plans to enter Hollywood we should probably expect an official annoucement sooner or later lol He…

  5. one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/nySQUFFZtn

  6. RT @seohyundaily: Prettiest ankles in the world https://t.co/oFI2GPLXtC

  7. RT @seterahdeh: reddit diblokir bisa pake vpn tumblr diblokir masih ada pinterest atau we heart it instagram diblokir alhamdulillah twit…

  8. RT @soompi: U.S. First Daughter Ivanka Trump Says Her Kids Are Fans Of K-Pop, Including #BTS https://t.co/SHzGRZ9suo https://t.co/5lYEJdJHTD

  9. @indriscy @munfess @gekabella Ga usah ngelakkkk

  10. RT @wekissom: Mixnine just ended but Sujin already got a job as new etude model ? https://t.co/oocCCeYRoD

  11. RT @theseoulstory: Happy birthday to this young rapper, Jo Woo Chan! ?? Hope you shine even brighter in the future ? All the best! @cubeuni…

  12. @indriscy A- dengg minimal

  13. GILS ORANG KAYA https://t.co/z1YpQo8t10

  14. RT @dkpopnews: Fan Reveals The Price Tag Of Jennie`s Outfit & Accessories At The SBS Gayo Daejeon Red Carpet! https://t.co/aiQmQTSAp7 http…

  15. RT @Jae_Day6: As one of my first Korean influences, my heart aches for this tragedy. From the bottom of my heart, may he rest in peace.

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