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  1. [17.08.15] Former T-ara member Areum to once again challenge herself to become an idol in KBS idol reboot project, The Unit Areum has reportedly joined the KBS2 new audition program "Idol Rebooting Project - The Unit". This will be her 1st appearance since her last promotion as a member of T-ara and unit T-ara N4 in 2013. Areum promoted with T-ara from 2012 for about 2 year. She is a member that spent the hardest time with T-ara after the false bullying scandal of Hwayoung. Reportedly due to health issues, she chose to stop promoting. Following her departure from the company, she kept her dream to be a singer alive without an agency (i.e trained alone). Recently, with the help of a new staff team, Areum is preparing to joing KBS2 "Idol Rebooting Project - The Unit". Areum posted on her personal SNS account in Japanese, "thank you for waiting for me. Let's meet again with a better me." Additionally, "thank you for waiting for me, sincerely thank you," expressing her gratefulness. Over the years, Areum has continued communicating with fans through her SNS and hinted at possibilities of her return. During the Hwayoung controversy earlier this year, Areum was once again brought up in the news. It was revealed that Areum was in fact a victim of the bullying incident from 5 years ago and not twin sister Hwayoung and Hyoyoung. Due to this, Areum expressed her discomfort regarding about issue. The KBS2 program is set to be aired in October. The program show off the talents idols who have previously debuted but have yet to find success. Singer and actor Rain will be the MC. *** Source: Naver 1, 2
  2. [17.06.21] T-ara's 1st win in 5 years and 4 months, "we can't believe it... tears from our fans' love." T-ara received their first #1 trophy in 5 years. They continued to cry but they were very open about their feeling in front of us. On the morning of the 21st, Hyomin conducted an interview with TV Report on behalf of T-ara. Hyomin revealed her feelings on receiving the top spot on SBS MTV The Show on the 20th. Hyomin said "we were not expecting to win at all. We went up on stage without any expectations. We only thought to perform our What's My Name stage well. We always stand at the back every time during the winner announcement, but since we were nominated for 1st place, we had to stand in the front. And then our name was called. It felt surreal receiving the trophy. The nominees that day were T-ara, for What's My Name, Astro for Baby, and FT Island for Wind. But we could only see Hyomin, Jiyeon, and Qri up on stage. Eunjung had a schedule for filming MBC daily drama All Kinds of Daughter-in-Laws. Hyomin said, "the moment they called out T-ara, the three of us just looked at each other. We couldn't believe it. After we barely did the encore stage, we stepped down the stage. It just felt surreal. We still couldn't believe it. Our fans showed even more enthusiasm than us. They bought a cake in rush and threw a celebration party for us. Everything is thanks to our fans. Thank you." She began to tear up again. Following T-ara's debut in 2009, they promoted as top singers. However, after the snake's Hwayoung's departure, there were caught up in nasty scandal and they couldn't produced any more hit songs. But, in June 2017, T-ara once again rose to become the #1 singers. *** Source: Naver
  3. BabyMaknae


    Can we post the pics out of forums? Bc like bday support pics cant be out from here
  4. [14.07.21] Video - Jiyeon @ Triangle Cut Ep 23 Cr. MBCdrama
  5. oops :x sorry was too rush i guess. i am sorry
  6. [14.06.27] Video - Jiyeon @ BTS Triangle Cr. Fisherman911
  7. Colbie Caillat - Try

  8. no more fancam except that two?? ugh I wanna watch more ㅠㅡㅠ
  9. jiyeon and danee become more and more close ^^ more than when danee first intro ^^ love it ^^
  10. so this is what they mean with traditional instrument perf.. cant wait any longer for their perf ^^
  11. i just hope this show really for t-ara ^^ bc i really miss them with full formation ^^
  12. eunjung record for show champion that day (if am not wrong)
  13. i hope this song will become more success and make easier way for t-ara next CB!! and won't get banned as haters wished! -,-
  14. there's some ep before t-ara ep.. but just wait and see
  15. to be honest iam not surprised at all.. but the only thing I hope now is, they keep healty
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