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  1. With that many new songs, i think they will be focusing on Japanese promotions. I just hope that they wont ignore activities in Korea because i prefer Korean comeback more. Japanese songs don't really suit my taste xD. Hopefully, i will like the new songs nevertheless. Another thing, Japanese products are more expensive~
  2. WOW! Japanese comeback! Really looking forward to it. I am happy... but the money to buy all 10 discs is a lot... Ordered my Budokan discs last month and now again... Looks like i have to start saving now. Really hard to keep up with all their releases especially when you are a poor student like me TT...
  3. If I am not mistaken, this pachinko and t-ara thing is not new. I have heard about it before. Yes, i agree that advertising gambling machines is not good but the fact that they rejected an alcohol cf is something good rite? Hypocrites or wad. They still did something good. I am sure other artists, actors or anyone would take up both gambling and alcohol which are bad without getting any hate from netizens. Anything T-ara do, they will bash, bash and bash. Some of the comments made by netizens are really harsh. I remember feeling very sad when i read those comments. But now, no Maybe i have had enough for the past few months to the extent that i no longer feel sad now. I will only continue to support them. T-ara fighting!
  4. good decision! thumbs up to them! Although i like alcohol a lot... haha =_= but rejecting this offer is something good
  5. Hopefully she will be able to join college like everyone. But I don't really see her doing so in near future since she has such a hectic schedule... Jiyeon fighting!
  6. I don't hate Dani and I find her very cute. I guess she has qualities and talent or else they won't want to add her in at this age. But, I am against the idea of her joining. Just 1 reason. THE AGE GAP IS TOO BIG! I am Jiyeon's age and i don't see myself making a 14-year-old girl my idol...
  7. woohoo~ T-ara is back! Love the mvs so much. The story one is great! Sexy Love is awesome! T-ara jjang!
  8. I cant wait anymore for their comeback! Saw the teaser and its awesome! 7th mini album Mirage... hmm... COME TAKE MY MONEY!!!
  9. Apology accepted! Put this situation behind and move on Leave the past in the past. The future is more important. Its finished for me. Hopefully for everyone else too. T-ara fighting!
  10. I am happy if the comeback is true. Finally i can see them again. At the same time, I'm a little bit worry as well.. The crowd's reaction hmm... Hopefully everything will be good... But i am pretty sure everyone here will be delighted to see them back again ^^
  11. Yes. I fully agree. CCM played a big part in this mess. This problem should have been handled carefully in the first place. CCM failed and that's why so many bad things follow...
  12. Stay strong Eunjung. They dont appreciate you but we queens do. I am sure the drama will not do well without Eunjung in it.
  13. Please KBS. Nothing to debate. Just air the show. First WGM den 5fingers now this... no please... I am going crazy...
  14. omg... what are they doing... The writers and producers are idiots! If you are not going to stay wif Eunjung when she's having trouble den don't recruit her at the first place!!! Eunjung fighting!!! 5fingers go down!!!
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