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  1. If I am not mistaken, this pachinko and t-ara thing is not new. I have heard about it before.

    Yes, i agree that advertising gambling machines is not good but the fact that they rejected an alcohol cf is something good rite? Hypocrites or wad. They still did something good. I am sure other artists, actors or anyone would take up both gambling and alcohol which are bad without getting any hate from netizens. Anything T-ara do, they will bash, bash and bash.

    Some of the comments made by netizens are really harsh. I remember feeling very sad when i read those comments. But now, no ;) Maybe i have had enough for the past few months to the extent that i no longer feel sad now. I will only continue to support them.

    T-ara fighting!

  2. Agree... The public kept asking for the truth... but honestly, how many of them really care? They are just bunch of haters who want to make the situation bigger. They want to see T-ara fall. Antis will still bash them no matter how many clarification made... For them, the truth is never true if the truth does not match what they want or what they believe in...

    T-ara fighting!!!

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