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  1. RT @kaiyamon: Last request \o/ I had fun with this one. #diakko https://t.co/MDdMPgjZnB

  2. RT @misslane_es: "You are not alone, Sam. Not with me" Hope you like my first #AgentReign fanart, the way Alex always looks at Sam... sigh,…

  3. RT @Satine_Zillah: I was chosen as a finalist in a competition "UZ VIM". Please help my Warrior book win! All you need to do is go to https…

  4. RT @doodlefox2: ?✨ #마마무 #MAMAMOO #문별 #MOONBYUL #솔라 #SOLAR #휘인 #WHEEIN #화사 #HWASA https://t.co/mXQAInR79D

  5. RT @THEwheepup: i wish one day i could go home and see this. tearsㅜㅜ https://t.co/ogfTbMGw05

  6. RT @sumerwave: 작가님.. 잊지 않을게요 https://t.co/diGcItfcvd

  7. Something in the air is noticeably different today, as if the ... More for Libra https://t.co/kBLknUAqNA

  8. ? bellaarke: Princess Mechanic Blue/Red + Blonde/Brunette (Inspired by @atlasbellamy‘s post) https://t.co/BfzEGyGGs2

  9. ? vvisti: This was supposed to be a quick Yang doodle, but then I let that hair happen. https://t.co/jmGVpXBGsA

  10. RT @F__et: 플로 옷 벗었을 때 몸에 저렇게 크게 문신 나 있으면 내가 좋다ㅜㅜㅜ 아라크네 입었을때 문신 넘 맘에듬 https://t.co/NkWqPjVYar

  11. RT @UltearGrants: Y’ALL, I MISS SUPERCORP. LOOK AT THEM. THEY’RE JUST SO CUTE. UWU [ source: Highkey Fandoms on YT ] https://t.co/n9l2THAy…

  12. RT @RBW_MAMAMOO: [MMMTV4] EP1 별바람꽃태양 그리고 너 기다리고 기다리던 #맘팁 4season 시작은.. 두구두구두구! 컴백과 동시에 무무에게 큰 선물을 받았던 #별이빛나는밤 눈물의 첫 1위 현장입니다! 다시 한 번 뭉클했던…

  13. You may be a bit on the stingy side today, but it is your most... More for Libra https://t.co/kBLknUiPp0

  14. Your schedule is nearly impossible to manage because you’re no... More for Libra https://t.co/kBLknUiPp0

  15. You are quite proud of your ability to remain neutral in a com... More for Libra https://t.co/kBLknUiPp0

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