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  1. Son Ga In 06.02.2014

  2. I hope something can come of this. Hopefully Eunjung will gain peace of mind. I wonder how the relationship between CCM/T-ara will be with SBS in regards to Inkigayo.
  3. I find the explanation kind of hard to believe. I haven't seen any of the episodes so I wouldn't really know how her character is or what she's doing. *shrug* Guess it's just me holding prejudice against people and their decisions being influenced by T-ara's scandal.
  4. Hmm... I'm kinda curious as to her exact reasons. I guess it is understandable that she would leave considering how much stress she's under, which is likely why, but there still might be something behind the curtains. Whatever the case, if you look at the bright side it's less work for Eunjung.
  5. Glad that Soyeon is going to get some rest. I'm sure everyone who cares, which includes me, is happy to hear she's not going to be pushing herself way too hard, and understands her position. I mean to continue filming in her condition would be reckless and asking to have more problems arise.
  6. Once again, unprofessional and shameful behaviour from the reporters. After making Hyomin cry and harassing Eunjung, they still didn't get any answers. Maybe one day they will learn that causing pain to T-ara is for nothing. I hope for the best for T-ara, especially Soyeon, Hyomin, and Eunjung. And hopefully the girls will be able to find peace to recuperate for their approaching comeback.
  7. That's the thing, it ISN'T clear. All that was proved is that the evidence that the naysayers presented was debunked. It's still very very possible that there might have been some form of bullying, despite what T-ara may say.
  8. Hrmm.. I feel sorry for Hyomin, and the rest of T-ara. As soon as they come out to the public then they will probably get harassed by reporters without end. I feel that it's immature on the reporters' end of things seeing as Hyomin is most likely very stressed out right now. The last thing she needs is people reminding her about a painful event. Also, very unprofessional seeing that this is a press conference FOR A DRAMA, not a "Hyomin interview about Hwayoung and recent controversies."
  9. I find it hard to believe that this is actually Soyeon's decision. I'm not downing her determination because we all know how hard she, and the rest of T-ara, works. This is probably CCM/KKS' doing. And quite frankly, it's not a very good idea. Soyeon really needs to take at the very least one or two weeks off. If Soyeon does end up going through with filming very shortly after this accident, I hope she can fully recover. And if it is in fact Soyeon's decision, then I can't help but feel sorry for her. She must feel a lot weighing down on her shoulders if she's compelled to continue filming despite what happened, with this being her first drama and all. Adding to the fact that T-ara already has a few established actresses, she probably doesn't want to disappoint - which she wouldn't even if she took a break, mind you.
  10. This really is a scary thing to happen. And it's really unfortunate that it happened at this time specifically when Soyeon and the rest of T-ara already have their minds full of things to worry about. At least it sounds like she'll be okay in a physical sense. Hopefully Soyeon can recover mentally and physically quickly. Also hope all the others involved in the accident will be okay.
  11. I would consider this a positive step for KKS in becoming a better CEO. I think what a lot of people fail to realize is that this is not only a learning experience for T-ara, but for KKS as well. Hopefully he will learn that slave driving like the way he does will cause T-ara to be more stressed. Which will in turn lead to internal conflicts. Also, "I consider all the T-Jinyo and Sajeongyeon members to be people who love T-ara" ... What? I'm pretty sure a lot of the people in T-Jinyo are antis looking to cause trouble.
  12. I can imagine that Hwayoung must have been exhausted mentally and physically over the past few months. Right now I think her best course of action is to just lay low, keep quiet as to not stir the netizens, and just rest. I think this is a really good opportunity for Hwayoung to revitalize. And as soon as she's all rested she shouldn't have too much trouble joining a company. I personally hope that after this whole controversy calms down and T-jinyo's steam blows over, Hwayoung will rejoin T-ara. I mean, we don't even know if Hwayoung was bullied or not. Perhaps she will miss being with T-ara, especially Ahreum.
  13. Hopefully this will serve as a reminder to other news medias - I'm looking at you AKP - that they shouldn't be more or less freely publishing negative articles about T-ara with statements from unreliable sources.
  14. "The situation is at a point where it's finally calmed down." Finally is right. This whole thing has been blown waaaay out of proportion by anti-fans and ex-"Queen's", or so they would have called themselves a while back. Kind of makes me sad that these are people who once called themselves T-ara fans and supporters. Some support they're giving, eh? I've also started noticing that things are more calm than they were say three or four days ago. Hopefully this means that T-ara will finally start having some sort of peace. Whatever the case, T-ara will take something from this. If the bullying is true, then they will learn that bullying has severe consequences. If it's not true, then perhaps they will learn that a few ambiguous tweets, followed by another ambiguous tweet can lead to trouble. And that their "fanbase" isn't exactly stable, so it'd be best to act accordingly. I do know that internal conflicts will arise. That's a given, and it doesn't happen exclusively to T-ara. Hopefully next time an issue arises within T-ara, they will know not to reveal it to the public and to try their best to resolve any problems they have.
  15. That's selective reporting for ya. They probably want antis to remain ignorant to the apologies and the talk, so that way as soon as a negative announcement comes up, it'll be like nothing good has happened so far. Thus, the netizens will react accordingly. Edit: And thus, they can continue to give bad news, and we all know bad news sells more than good news. By the way, KKS is lying to us again! He could have met with Hwayoung for 31 minutes for all we know.
  16. Pretty soon I'm going to say I'm an anonymous insider and fabricate a positive message as well. It seems like everyone is doing it, negative or positive.
  17. There's still ambiguity to this apology. It's possible that she's apologizing to the fans about giving them so much trouble in the past dew days. But it could also be an apology to Hwayoung. Considering she's thanking someone - probably the fans for their support - , I'm going to say it's the former.
  18. Things are getting more grim. Hopefully T-ara can somehow find a silver lining in this whole mess.
  19. The moment one of the girls speak up while they're still under CCM contract, they're getting the boot, and maybe even blacklisted. I don't think they really want that.
  20. The biggest problem with rumours like this is that they can and will cause controversy whether they're true or not. The large number of antis will say they're true - regardless if they know it's highly likely to be false - just to cause more issues. And the moment KKS says these rumours are false, the antis will once again say something along the lines of "KKS/CCM is just trying to cover up the truth to protect their image." At this point, anyone can claim to be some sort of "insider" and falsify another statement to keep the problems going for the reason I just stated.
  21. It's really disheartening and really sad to see how many bandwagoners called themselves "T-ara fans". And the possibility of the concert being canceled? It's just sickening. Now the true Queen's who will remain once the bandwagoners leave have to suffer.
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