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  1. And they improved again! it's better and better each days! Eunjie is wonderful with this haircut.
  2. Best performance yet of Day by Day, they were really great, I loved Hyomin's look, wuah really beautiful. It seems like Soyeon has recover a bit, her voice was less shaky, good for her . Next time we'll win, the gap wasn't huge at all! T-ara Hwaiting!
  3. Nice performance here, mubank's sound system is definitely the best one. The girls were nice, Hyomin and Jiyeon, so great! Areum is getting more confident too, and we can see it through her perf'! Keep it up Lee Areum!
  4. Hyomin~! She rocks that style! Hawyoung's one is really nice too. She is so fine in both concepts.
  5. Totally looking forward to her acting! This kind of character don't fit her I think, and I think it's even more nice for us, we'll be able to fully enjoy her acting skills by this way! Gogo Leader, show them how you do!
  6. I'm looking forward to this, Eunjung has already proved us that she's a good actress, I hope that it'll be confirmed. This drama seems promising and it'll be even more with Eunjie.
  7. Hmm I don't think it's a serie, but at least we'll have 3 or 4 eps I guess. Since it'll air from the 9th to the 13th of July, and that we had an ep on the 9th, we should have one each day, so let's call it a mini serie of 4 eps. :3
  8. Now let's wait for subs ^.^. It looks epic tho!
  9. This mv pleased me. Introduction haha, so dorky. Hyomin, Hwayoung and Eunjie nailed it. :3 Speaking of the mv itself.. WHY so many cameras flashes and changes! We didn't have more than 2 secs fixed.. geez! Anyway, I really liked the solo shots parts and the little part when they are wearing the white outfit, this cam angle was very nice. Then the outro, Hyo/Hwa/Eunj nailed it again! :3
  10. This is gonna be epic. I can't wait to watch the episode with IU in Dino's house! It's gonna be really epic, sure of it! ^^
  11. I've read on some websites that she injured her nose, probably while filming mv of Day by Day. It doesn't seems too serious tho, fortunately.
  12. She prooves once again that she's an amazing leader. Very honest, charismatic and smart.
  13. Same here, this show looks so funny, and it should be interesting to see how is Ahreum doing on variety shows, since it's surely her premiere too.
  14. That was an awesome comeback stage. Don't leave was really super nice, Hwayoung's hair ! The stage itself was awesome aswell, all this orchestra very well organized, that was truly powerful. Day by Day was really cool too, I've been of surprised of the choreo since it was the first time, but it fits pretty well with the rhythm of the song . All in all a beautiful comeback, can't wait for next perfs! :3
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