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  1. i cant wait for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was there in japan last time when they performed a mini event and fan signing so much looooove!
  2. i wish i could be there partying it up with my unnies
  3. it's not a massge he was just checking out her shoulders etc etc i wonder why they are filming at a medical centre?
  4. i thought the second photo was a guy lying so closely to my eunjung - NEVER!! haha they all look so sleepy --- acting?? or just reality?
  5. so cute posing then you watch her character on the show haha total opposite!
  6. WOW their skin is freaking flawless!!! eunjung's eyeliner is hella heavy she's giving jiyeon a run for her money
  7. such sweet girls with kind hearts so pure and good totally daebak t-ara FIGHTING!
  8. my unnie was there to watch and she said so many people were cheering!! jiyeon is my bias and she said she was totally cute!
  9. omo omo i want some chicken now :O you know what, t-ara endorsing this is great because it's working i want some!!
  10. the episode looks promising it's usually quite boring i cant wait to watch hope they'll share some of their trademark beauty secrets
  11. i didnt know they had idols guest on the show when i watched it they never had anyone so special on
  12. pro model she looks flawless her eyes are so long ~ lucky girl
  13. check out all that bling she's so gorgeous she rocked that event
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