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  2. talented boram. she looks young and cute unnie. roly poly totally get the big hit! daebak!!!
  3. welcome to the group of crown. areum and dani. have a loving in future.
  4. ah so sad jiyeon is not maknae anymore. really like jiyeon with cute effect.
  5. jiyeon still the maknae. but areum also pretty. she can sing well.
  6. please practice and training first before debut. dont rush to be star.
  7. t-ara become so busy and they should take care of their health too.
  8. epic movie ever. hahaha. cannot wait for the 2nd part.
  9. proud to be t-ara fans. they survive till this to be the one!
  10. i think eunjung can do it without any mistakes because she has a lot of experience.
  11. waiting for mirage and 2nd part of video clip. go go go go!!!
  12. soyeon has a good attitude to lead the t-ara. she can talks,dance and can control their members well. go soyeon.
  13. well done t-ara jang. you did the good job. btw,good luck for your 6th mini album.
  14. hyomin and jiyeon looks very excellent and totally beautifullll! ah i go crazy because of thissss.
  15. if jiyeon start singing,fan going crazy. ahhh jiyeon you so adorable.
  16. 26? omg, doesnt look like 26. cutie pretty,thats is Qri unnie.gorgeous,beauty,charminggg!
  17. wahhhhhhhhh they won MVP! daebakkk. poor hyomin unnie. she looks tired.
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