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  1. Strange wording of the sentence, it's saying that although the dance is sexy it'll still be catchy and easy to follow like Bo Pee/ and Roly Poly
  2. They aren't filming the actual music video until later this week, so at this point I'm not sure if either one of the teasers will relate to the real concept in the end...
  3. Where's this from? I haven't it anywhere else...
  4. I'm ready! I'm okay with another Shinsadong Tiger song because I tend to like most of his music. Duble Sidekick is really hit or miss with me (mostly miss) so I'm glad it's not by them.
  5. Another mini album? Either way, I'm looking forward to it! I hope it's as good as Sexy Love. It's too bad the promotions will probably be really short since they have a Japanese single coming out a few weeks later.
  6. Glad to see they're having so much fun! BTW Euna is their stylist, not their manager..
  7. If your order total is over $39, shipping is free.
  8. I'm ordering mine from CDJapan. Buying 8 versions (4 for me, 4 for a friend) costs $123 total including shipping compared to $143 on YesAsia. Even if I chose the fastest shipping option from CDJ it'd still cost less than YA's total. I guess since YA does the free shipping thing they make up for it by jacking up the prices of all their products. Also, my friend ordered the Japanese YaYaYa single from YesAsia and never got the external bonus photo so I'd rather not take the chance with Bunny Style since I want them all! It's pretty random when it comes to YesAsia and the bonus photos.
  9. I love it! This is the most excited I've been for a T-ara comeback ever!
  10. I hope it's not delayed again! I can't wait. I don't care about the scandal anymore. Antis will tire themselves out eventually.
  11. This is getting silly. No apology necessary! So many of these people are going on and on about how T-ara are bullies, bullies are evil, etc. Yet places like T-jinyo with 340,000+ members, rather than using their newfound popularity and influence in a positive way like trying to educate people on the perils of bullying and being bullied, they choose to spend their time digging up flimsy evidence to "prove" that Hwayoung was being bullied (a majority of which is complete nonsense, by the way), spamming message boards to have T-ara removed from programs, starting ridiculous petitions, etc. I think that's rather telling of their true motives. I too believe there may have been bullying going on, but I'm sure that it happened when the cameras were off and I don't think it's the real reason why Hwayoung was removed from the group. These people want the truth behind the whole situation, but the only truth they'll ever accept is their own twisted version of the "truth" which they believe they already know. What else do they want? There are just as many lies and twisted facts in their arguments as there are in those from CCM. I'm sure they started off with good intentions, unlike Tajinyo, but at this point they're turning into the same thing...
  12. I hope she gets to join in October! I can't wait to see them as a 9 member group. Being a fan of T-ara never gets boring!
  13. This looks interesting It's only 17 days away... Hopefully Dani is able to do a good job acting in the MV.
  14. Keep in mind that these videos are from years ago before she even received any type of training lol She was good then but she's probably much better now
  15. I hope the video is as good as Cry Cry/Lovey Dovey! I'm really excited.
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