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  1. Awesome! I can't wait It's being released today, in a few hours, right? ^^ I'm gonna stay up and wait for it to be released!
  2. Well, I'm a girl and they stole my heart from the start I wish they'd be more confident! I think their comeback stage was awesome!
  3. That photo is just so adorable :3 And is that Infinite on the left? Not very good with band names D; On a side note, I love Nongshin Ramen :3
  4. loveletter

    [11.07.15] Hyomin cast in histoical MBC TV drama "Gyebaek"

    Am actually so excited for this drama. My favorite actor: Lee Seo Jin, and Oh Yeon Soo! And now, Hyomin! Cannot wait ^^
  5. loveletter

    [11.04.13] T-ara Soyeon,

    This is why I love Soyeon (: She is so passionate ~ Go Soyeon unni ^^
  6. loveletter

    [11.03.30] T-ara's Eunjung confirmed for "We Got Married"

    I gasped when I saw the title! YAAAAY I AM SO EXCITED
  7. loveletter

    [OTHER] Quick News & Gossip Thread

    [iNFO] 10.11.27 Bugs Music Chart Top 100 Most Streamed/Downloaded Songs 01 2AM
  8. are you working on DG ep 2? just asking..

  9. loveletter

    [FANTAKEN] Making of T-ara's Hello Baby (11/05)

    Wow, thank you so much for posting this! I must admit, our girls look flawless!
  10. loveletter

    [PICS] MBC Music Core Website Banner (11/05)

    ^ They are permanent MCs, their first MC gig was last week.
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