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  1. For the nth time already, Im kapoy na po ?

  2. My heart is at ease. Thank you! Good night ??

  3. Maybe it's not the person you miss, but the memories. Well, maybe.

  4. Please https://t.co/Tdz3QKVvss

  5. Way na huya2. Aminon na ah. Hahaha ??

  6. Hay nako, seminar. Stresses ka talaga ?

  7. @davelacs Perdi noy eh hahahahagag

  8. RT @medtechstudy: Kinakabahan pero lalaban

  9. @mrydelizo Good2. See you tomorrow! ??

  10. @hannahninanna Ta, shat

  11. RT @Bible_Time: Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests 2 God…

  12. Lande https://t.co/Qu0Mmsjm11

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