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  1. Currently studying for my diploma and to reach my goal (Jiyeon) ^_^

  2. i like this guy . faith in humanity is restored :') He is way better than KKS who only make matters worse
  3. it was made during showcase at malaysia . cant wait to watch this
  4. alone in this world ~

  5. they must be very tired due to cruel schedule . hope they're well >.<
  6. pretty jealous at the fan who got personal jiyeon pics which was CAPTURED by jiyeon herself !
  7. wah even i didn't know in my country the school exists . those school are so lucky
  8. Thanks for sharing . SOOO envy to those who were there T_T
  9. Lol boram so small compared to the others And as always jiyeon is charming
  10. Thanks for sharing! everyone in this photobook is so beautiful
  11. Sadly i don't own myself a smartphone gonna buy them because of jiyeon
  12. I like this outfit very much . They suits white colour very well
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