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  1. RT @eggzsloth: The words you've heard these days and kept in your heart Krystal: "Life is short if you don't get to do the things you want…

  2. RT @artoopio: What if that ghost later revealed themselves to yuri https://t.co/b8jVmba9wo

  3. RT @deansintro: [ENG LYRICS] INSTAGRAM - DEAN ▪️ i can relate to this on so many levels and to know he feels it too is so comforting, a gre…

  4. Minkyung unnie https://t.co/IhjnQIMcYe

  5. RT @GirlsGeneration: #TAEYEON Winter Album '#ThisChristmas – Winter is Coming' Digital Release: 2017.12.12 6PM KST Physical Release: 2017.1…

  6. RT @syofagg: Conrgatulations to Choi Sooyoung for winning Best Asian at 2017 MAMA https://t.co/9U7Ul00kc2

  7. RT @Gon5o5Gontan: 今日のスヨンさん 柱3本バージョンをどうぞ☺️ #SK2 https://t.co/uXCsvGqful

  8. RT @daylightshadow_: 뽀뽀☺️ https://t.co/VW5oTArzuM https://t.co/gsbH7aLiNp

  9. just wanna share korea's #1 "i can't move on from you" song https://t.co/qXa5c398oW

  10. time will tell when will the clustered "Wish" be reunified "as one" again https://t.co/aIvYlmMuk1

  11. RT @SooyoungFacts: Sooyoung at the set of MBC’s Weekend Drama ‘밥상 차리는 남자 / Men In The Kitchen’ https://t.co/cIqsdEMFBw https://t.co/p1x11q1…

  12. https://t.co/8aAASLnjcD

  13. RT @sonexjinro: I stan kids ??? https://t.co/HyKd6xOg4o

  14. RT @saveKRYSTAL: 제시카 인스타 스토리 수정이 https://t.co/yqFYnWucr2

  15. RT @UberFacts: Every episode of Family Guy includes at least one instance of a character saying “What the hell …”

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