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  1. highkey hoping sooyoung's film will do well and get great reviews. by then there's a chance for cannes next yr. the… https://t.co/clwBPDPkXa

  2. any translation for the vieu event?

  3. omg is this the GoT https://t.co/gbqEMYIYfx

  4. i just got war flashbacks from high school when we danced sj's bonamana ?

  5. RT @_ellaroberts: My grandmothers 1925 version of “men are trash” x https://t.co/AzQ5ZCmFIO

  6. RT @sicaloops: + @sooyoungloops ? https://t.co/gjZIaDW3IO

  7. RT @scamful: when you skip a class and the teacher of that class sees you in the haIl later that day https://t.co/HeANjKQfcO

  8. RT @hyoyeonsgirI: yesterday, hyoyeon had her official debut as a DJ #H at a club MU:IN in seoul. from now on, she'll be performing at this…

  9. gonna focus on my professional life for now. i have dragons to fight. see y'all before 210. good bye. https://t.co/BvEm6jaK7E

  10. @SYgoldenlegged pls take pics ;~;

  11. RT @llama_ajol: "I don't want other people to decide who I am. I want to decide that for myself"

  12. RT @eggzsloth: The words you've heard these days and kept in your heart Krystal: "Life is short if you don't get to do the things you want…

  13. RT @artoopio: What if that ghost later revealed themselves to yuri https://t.co/b8jVmba9wo

  14. RT @deansintro: [ENG LYRICS] INSTAGRAM - DEAN ▪️ i can relate to this on so many levels and to know he feels it too is so comforting, a gre…

  15. Minkyung unnie https://t.co/IhjnQIMcYe

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